What is Joomla?

Joomla is freely available online content management system (CMS). It is simple and best of it is that it is open source. It enables us to build powerful online web applications and its modules available online makes it more popular as the extensions used in Joomla helps in making applications or websites more customized. Joomla helps in making the website search engine friendly so that they can be easily crawled by most popular search engines as search engines are not able to crawl heavily coded websites as Joomla is based on PHP language so it helps in making website which is lightly coded so that it can be easily crawled by search engines.

One of the attractive features of using content management system Joomla is that there are many forums of Joomla available online where you can get answer of your every question related to it from even small problem to biggest problem is being solved with the help of these forums and there are huge number if plug-ins or extensions or modules available for Joomla which helps making your work more easier and customized. One of the most popular examples is shopping cart which is now a day’s used in huge amount. Joomla is one of the unbelievable approaches for website owners as it permits you to maintain and make your website with almost negligible programming necessary. It offers all the necessary parts to supplement and update everything such as your images, article pages, navigation menus, members, and much more. The text editors provided in the Joomla article manager provides the same basic parts that you would see when creating a word document. Also, the size of the Joomla community has grown to great numbers over the last 5 years. There are many advantages of Joomla other than this that is it has low cost of ownership if you are really finding something simple and easy then Joomla will be the best choice. There are many add-ons or plug-ins or extensions or modules available for free and paid some of them Joomla is extremely modular at core making it very simple Joomla has very smooth integration too that it can be integrated with any other custom application very easily.

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