What is Magento ?

Magento is an open-source e-commerce solution which is available for free and can be downloaded from the internet.  After downloading magneto, you will get free magneto themes available to create e-commerce website or shopping cart.  However, what if you need to customize the themes and templates available for magento?, so for that you need a magneto web designer for giving uniqueness to your e-commerce or shopping cart website according to your requirements and budget.

Magento offers a long variety of features to the users like one-page checkout, drop-down menu for prices. Product catalog gives customers an opportunity to choose right products and for this reason only magneto is every merchant’s choice to convert their online store to magneto. Hire Magento Experts at logicspice to get fully customized website or online store

Magento is considered to be one of the best e-commerce platforms because of its good website designing capability and search engine friendliness among other e-commerce platforms available in the market for free.  Magento provides flexibility to the online merchants through its modular architecture, wide range of control options, and control over the content, functionality and looks for their e-commerce stores.

Magento is a user friendly e-commerce application both for the customers as well as for the owners of online stores.  Magento has the feature of creating a product catalogs and to manage them, which allows the owner of online stores to add more than one image for a product and enables them to create product browsing, products comparison and product filtering.  One of the remarkable feature of magento is that websites can be easily customized for different languages and currencies to fit the need of different customers belonging to different regions.

Logicspice offers excellent customization power to get modified look of your online store through magento, which increases the marketing and promotion power. It enables you to quickly customize the product according to its category.  Choosing custom-design designs from magneto will create your strong business identity. The magento customized website will make large profits by targeting more visitors to your online store.  Choosing the right web design company to customize magento theme will help you tell if any errors are generated. They will always keep your website updated with any feature released, which can help you to make your website look more powerful.

There are several advantages of magneto:-

  • First of all it is available for free and apart from it is easily customizable.
  • It has multi stores capability which allows you to handle more than one store from the admin panel.
  • It has advanced SEO options for optimizing the website and a Magento website can be easily integrated into Google Analytics for analyzing the customer behavior.
  • It has feature of customer check out alternative for those customers who do not want to register on the first playMagento gives an option of integrated sales and store tracking.
  • You can upload as many numbers of products as much as you want to. There is no limit as far as number of products is concerned.
  • Magento has the feature of product catalog which none of the e-commerce open source platform has.
  • Magento has features which enable to hold 1000s of product categorized by their classes and categoriesIt also gives easy integration of payment gateway.

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