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BestCit Aphorisms App
BestCit Aphorisms App

This app allow users to find a huge quantity of aphorisms, literary quotes, proverbs, phrases of books and kinda things like this and if the users wants they can share what they like on the social networks like facebook, instagram, whatsapp, email or twitter and they can search for the aphorisms by entering the keyword or by categories which are defined over app. They can change the background of the aphorisms and can also apply the filters defined over application; if there is only text then users can change the color of the text and can apply the solid color as the background and once user have done the respective editing then image will get save in the phone gallery over their respective phone.


Very customer service oriented. Very good to work with. We had a lot of changes and they made changes quickly and to our satisfaction. I would highly recommend their services.

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