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As we already know that there is a continuous increase in the updates that Cake PHP come up with every day
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There are lots of PHP frameworks available that can help you save plenty of time and money during coding. CakePHP development solutions is one of the most popular frameworks nowadays. It is an open source development tool which minimizes the architectural headaches and taking many features from Ruby on Rails. Its core feature is MVC that is Model, View and Controller.


CakePHP is a three part way of programming and designing your applications and web pages so that the code does not interfere with your design. In this way it helps keeping the code clean. It lets you leave all low level tasks later it needed to do when building applications from a scratch. One needs time to adhere all conventions and rules of this architecture. There are great learning curves with CakePHP.


CakePHP being an Open Source content management system that makes your web application better which would not only make the web portals or applications unique but it also helps in making the whole website unique as per its design and structure. It will take your website great heights of success. It is fast and simple to install, these are the following steps of installation


  • Downloading a copy of CakePHP
  • Configuring your web server to handle PHP if necessary
  • Checking file permissions

Some of the key features of CakePHP are:

  • Model, View, Controller Architecture
  • Application Scaffolding
  • Code generation Through Bake
  • Helpers for HTML, Forms, Pagination, AJAX, JavaScript, XML, RSS and more
  • Access Control Lists and Authentication
  • Extensive validation of model data
  • Router for mapping URLs and handling extensions
  • Security, Session, and Request Handler Components
  • Utility classes for working with Files, Folders, Arrays and more


Now after knowing so much about CakePHP so you can understand that finding an appropriate CakePHP Development Service is not an easy task. You can hire talented CakePHP Development Company “LogicSpice” at cheaper rates and make available our services for you. In today’s fast growing IT world it is necessary for every web developer to expand their capabilities in the field of development and can minimize the coding. CakePHP breaks repetitiveness during web development and offers many tools and basics particular for an application that can save a lot of time and repetition of coding which will helps developers not to add same coding in a new project.


Whenever a new technology in invented the first and foremost thing comes in mind is that will it replace the existing one, or the reason of the replacing the existing one or the need behind the emerging of an advanced version. Similar things happened when CakePHP was introduced but there is something which is very obvious the basic programming language would be common and in this case, it would be PHP, the basic would be open source PHP technology only.


New versions of PHP are really gaining gradual advancement and it is evolving like other programming languages like C++ and Java. The major advantage of PHP is that it is open source technology. Like other programming languages it is including Object Oriented programming elements in it. These all lead developers to think about developing some framework for this essentially unstructured language to make it more feasible and advanced one.


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