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Logicspice offers you to hire dedicated programmer who will work exclusively for your projects - 8 hours per day and minimum of 176 hours of every month. Key highlights for hiring a dedicated & expert developers from us -



From a very long time now, Logicspice has been providing a wide variety of Zencart services through its talented team of Zencart developers. You can get everything you need to maintain a professional, strong and beautiful online store web site for a numerous number of products. You can hire senior web developers from Logicspice who are well qualified in Web app development and have an experience of more than 7 years in zencart development.

TEAM LEAD (Zencart Development)

TEAM LEAD (Zencart Development)

TEAM LEAD (Zencart Development)

Hire team leader for Zencart development who can handle the team of Zencart experts, guide them and solve their queries and issues. The whole team along with its lead is capable enough to handle toughest Zencart projects with ease. Moreover, they always believe in looking one step ahead to provide updates to the clients and provide them with something very unique that gives them an awesome experience.

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Zencart integration is something which not only needs simple computer technology expertise but also need good knowledge of marketing strategies in order to make website more attractive for marketing point of view for clients which may include market research, branding, keyword identification, distribution and etc.

In addition to this if your company has zencart expert they can help you to automate any updates of your company and implement any processes of your company for example it can help you automatically modify your company’s accounting reports whenever there is sale and including taxes that are only applicable in the area located near the company.

Zen Cart is an open source online store management system. It is a dream come true an art of E-Commerce for those who want to make high success in the field of online marketing like other open source content management system it is also a based in PHP and use MYSQL database with HTML components. Support is provided for multiple languages and currencies,. Zen Cart is free, user-friendly and an open source solutions that are offered by businesses to create large virtual malls or small online stores.

The Zen Cart provides a big outline of the project and it is designed on the basis of store owners requirements and creativity of web developers. It also provides very long list of features,

You can get everything you need to maintain a professional, strong and beautiful online store web site for a numerous number of products. Products ordering and purchasing, transporting, newsletters, sales and more are managed by the store owner through the administration area. The shopping cart set up provides the function for payments from any credit card, visa and many more payment services included.

Our company charge long term hiring rates from their customers for providing Zencart solutions that are comparatively cheaper whereas for short term assignments it can be more keeping experience and resources in mind.

These are some popular modules of Zencart used:-

Google base feeder It automatically generates a feedback of all of your products which is then submitted to Google Product Search where customers can find your products and visit your website to complete the purchase.

Recover cart sales It is more useful for the store owner which helps in creating admin page to see all customer accounts and all purchases made by them and if they have not purchased then you can send your customers follow up email to complete their purchase.

Mailbeez after sale email module It creates a structure that executes a daily croon job to send out emails automatically to customers who have previously completed a purchase.

Sitemaps XML It creates XML sitemap for your website so that it can be crawled by search engines and automatically pings major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN to let them know an updated version of your website sitemap.

Simple google analytics It adds the Google Analytics tracking code quickly and easily to your Zen Cart store so that data can be composed and reviewed in Google Analytics.

Fast and easy checkoutOur most popular contribution to Zen Cart revamps the simple checkout system built into Zen Cart by combining multiple pages into a single checkout page.

CSS JS loader This module adds the ability to load stylesheets and JavaScript files based on rules, in a defined order, and on specific pages without having to copy the file into each individual Zen Cart page folder.

Simple SEO URLs This is a SEO friendly URL rewriter. It takes the default PHP URLs and rewrites them using product, category, and page names that is make use of keywords so that it can be crawled by major search engines quickly.

Image handler 2 It is for modifying image size that is resizing them compressing and then caches the created images for quick retrieval.

Store credit and reward points This module is a rewrite of the original Store Credit module with an optional reward points feature. Store owners can give customers store credit to be used during the checkout against purchases just like cash.

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Logicspice strive to deliver future ready solutions of the highest quality and standard. Our dedicated expert rectify each bugs and issues with precision. We make you stand apart from the crowd and lead the industry.

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  • A. 100% confidentiality - strict NDA terms
  • B. Moneyback gurantee - Amount will not be refunded by us if
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    • There has been an abuse of our terms of use
    • The project has ended.
    • Moneyback will be only for unbilled hours
  • C. Technical Support (In working hours only)

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Qualified, Experienced resources
Qualified, Experienced and certified resources
Flexible Hiring Models - Logicspice
Flexible Hiring Models
Rapid and Effective development - logicspice
Rapid yet Effective development
Monitor team’s performance
Monitor team’s performance on regular basis
Track Progress with Project Management
Track Progress with Project Management Tools
Fast and easy communication
Fast and easy communication
Flexible Timing - Logicspice
Flexible Timing
Cost-efficient development - logicspice
Consistent Technical and Administrative support
Consistent Technical and Administrative support
Highly Secured Development - Logicspice
Highly Secured Development Area
Dependable supervision and execution
Dependable supervision and execution
Optimized Coding - Logicspice
Optimized Coding
deadlines developers
We take deadlines very seriously
Project confidentiality - Logicspice
100% confidentiality - strict NDA terms
moneyback gurantee - Logicspice
100% moneyback gurantee
Availability and scope of expansion - logicspice
Availability and scope of expansion
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