• Groupon Clone Technology
  • Increasing use of social networking among consumers
  • Emailed a great offer to users
  • Email Registered user can get rebate

Groupon Clone has captured almost entire internet world from the very first day of its launch in 2008. The concept behind it is very straight, every morning all the users are emailed a great offer. This offer could be related to discounts on food, entertainment, places to stay or things to buy and many other needs of our day to day life.

Everybody can subscribe daily deal information from his/her own city. Everybody can share deal information on Facebook, Twitter, MSN or Email Registered user can get rebate if he/she invites friends successfully Users can also check previous deals on website.

A groupon clone isn’t restricted to one particular product. With the increasing use of social networking among consumers, it’s feasible that any number of diverse offers could be pitched from the same site. Users who found an offer that was suitable for a friend may choose to share it with them via one of the social networking services provided by the appropriate module

  • There are four modes of users viz.
  • The general user (Visitor)
  • The registered user
  • The Businesses
  • Administrator