Opencart is a free to use, open source ecommerce platform for online vendors to manage their stores and businesses online. Opencart is a PHP based framework that employs HTML and queries using mySQL to function both on mobile devices and desktops.

Opencart uses MVC framework to function. A Model View Controller architecture abbreviated as MVC is a framework with 4 basic parts:

  • Model: All the data of the website comes under Model part
  • View: View is the part displayed to user. We can keep a check as to how much of data should be visible to user.
  • Controller: Controller is the basic functions and codes that allows interaction between the Model and the View part.
  • Language: Language option sets aside rules for languages when required. Mostly required for websites with multiple language options.

Opencart development consists of two parts, admin and catalog. The admin part is the CMS or to be basically put, the back-end tool to manage data. Catalog is the front-end part which includes display components and themes. The better part about OpenCart is that the two parts though connected to each other, are completely different. Any changes of admin part won’t affect catalog and vice versa.

Under each admin and catalog folder are folders for MVCL components. The other folders in Opencart installation are System folder, which contains all the classes, functions and arrays used by admin and catalog, the Image folder which contains all the pictures used in the development and design of the website and the Download folder that contains the downloaded files associated with the product.

Advantages of Opencart

Ease of Installation

Opencart has simple and straightforward installation process. A non technical user can also easily set up Opencart without putting any thoughts in technicality of things. It is very easy to open an online store using Opencart in quite easy steps, installation, theme selection, product addition and setting up payment methods.


Opencart is an open source and free platform. Installation is free and themes are provided at minimal rates even from third parties. Maintenance cost is very low and costs just a few dollars per month. A lot of Customized Opencart Development Companies can help build a website with a very low cost.


Opencart has around 1600 free and 4000 paid plugins. These plugins enhance user experience and also provide more control over the website. These plugins help to improve functionality of both admin and catalog part.


Opencart is a very light platform which uses AJAX to call and answer functions. This improves site speed which is a major characteristic that defines user experience. Also Opencart supports multiple stores so it eases the trouble of handling different stores together.

Features of Opencart


Admin Dashboard control and provides complete insight of the data and what is going on the website.

User Management

Users can be separated into groups. Also different users can be provided with different access as per their requirements.

Multiple Stores

Single interface for different stores. You can select products and move them to whatever store you want to easily.

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