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CakePHP has emerged as a well known platform for the PHP development due to its flexibility and a number of capabilities. Inspired by Ruby on Rails, CakePHP has become one of the commonly used development systems. Our team of expert cakePHP developers build the scalable applications and websites such as e-commerce sites and complex web applications for management for various businesses processes.

Cakephp Web Development

CakePHP framework has always been the first choice for many professional developers and business houses, because of its extraordinary features & simple interface to use it. So, if you are looking for professional CakePHP development services and customized solutions, modified as per your needs, then your search ends here. We are a leading CakePHP development company which excels in offering world class and complex web application development services and solutions programmed over CakePHP framework and provide end-to-end development solutions.

Our business-driven approach towards web development and our logical CakePHP solutions have helped a variety of businesses in putting up them with efficient interface and influential business system.

Our packages for CakePHP development include perfect Admin, sub-admin and user dashboard in the backend. In the front end, there could be various types of interface and functionality which may relate to dating websites, online shopping cart, booking application, social media web development etc. One can hire the CakePHP programmers from our team for consultancy, customization and development regarding their applications.

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CakePHP Development Services

CakePHP Web Development

You can get a superb ecommerce website with the reliable CakePHP solutions for your growing business needs.

CMS Development

The strong and effective CMS solutions on the CakePHP framework work on a variety of industry verticals

Third Party App Integration

The skilled CakePHP developers can do advanced development services with support and integration of 3rd party APIs.

CakePHP Plug-in

Our Expert CakePHP developers are efficient in developing as well as maintaining the web application and plug-ins.

CakePHP migration

It is easier to migrate between CakePHP platforms as it is user friendly in nature.

CakePHP shopping

We also offer CakePHP shopping cart application, which is really efficient in offering instant checkouts. It supports smooth payment for users from all parts of the world.

Core Features of CakePHP Development



It feature proper inheritance of class



It reduces time as well as the overall cost



It features architecture (MVC), which provides scalable, efficient and quick functioning


Search engine friendly

CakePHP application development & CakePHP website development is SEO friendly


Emerging platform

It offers instant execution of RSS, Ajax and many others


Fully functional

It supports the PDO as well as native database drivers & it can also be integrated with CRUD features

Why Choose CakePHP Framework For Web Development?

Language selection

Most of the frameworks work on default language, i.e. English, but with CakePHP website development, the language is selected by its developer.


The CakePHP Framework is recognized as an authorized tool. It supports high security features like SQL injection prevention and input validation.

Ease of management

You can easily represent your relations between tables which can be further used for main records. Hence, with CakePHP save yourself from writing SQL’s for many projects.

Open Source Framework

Being an open source customization, CakePHP offers a lot of experimentation and innovation for developers. One can alter codes and UI as per their need and can create new and improved applications.

Architecture support

It features on MVC structure which offers instant functioning, especially in the case of large codes.

Unit testing

CakePHP enables you to create your own tests to examine the doubts. The tests can either be core or customized, as per your requirements.

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