Welcome to a new job board that connects job seekers and employers in many industries. Our innovative job board script empowers businesses, organizations, and job consultants to effortlessly establish their very own job board websites.
Our team has crafted this cutting-edge, white-label job site solution to foster seamless connections between prospective employees and recruiters. This product has a simple design and advanced features. It is easy to use for both tech-savvy people and those who are not familiar with technical details. Take the reins of your hiring process with our online job boards software and witness efficient management like never before.

  • Post Unlimited Jobs
  • Multi-Language/Currency Support
  • Advanced Search Filter
  • Responsive & SEO Friendly
  • Manage Candidate Database
  • New Announcement
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Multiple Payment Gateway
  • Auto Suggestion Filtering
  • Upload Video CV
  • Theme color management
  • One time License Fee
  • Optimized job search with filters

Prime Features of Our Job Board Software Script

Our dynamic PHP job board script serves as a versatile platform for employers to post job listings, outlining necessary skill sets and finer details. Job seekers can effortlessly navigate through available opportunities that align with their qualifications, geographical preferences, and work experience. Once registration is complete, candidates gain the privilege to apply for specific roles that pique their interest. Within this sophisticated job board application management software, employers wield the ability to sift through job applications, earmarking potential matches as favorites. This intelligent curation aids in streamlining the hiring process, identifying top-notch prospects for each vacancy. Empowered by a secure admin dashboard, users can seamlessly manage employers, job seekers, job postings, and more. This Job Posting Software also boasts a multi-job posting feature to further enhance efficiency.
Jobseeker App Feature
  • Jobseeker App Feature Employer Registration

    Employer can register on the Job Portal using Facebook/Google/ Linkedin/Email Address.

  • Jobseeker App Feature Membership Plans

    Employer can purchase the Membership Plan(Free/paid) as per their requirement which is relevant to them.

  • Jobseeker App Feature Manage Plan

    Employer can keep track of Membership plans, which was subscribed in past, which one is the current plan etc.

  • Jobseeker App Feature Favorite Candidates

    Employer can mark the Candidate as Favorites who is relevant to the Job post or requirement.

  • Jobseeker App Feature Create Job

    Employer can create a job by adding Job Title, Category, Job Description, Company Name, Company Profile, Work Type, Contact Name & no, Company Website, Skills, Designation, Location, Experience, Annual salary, Company Logo etc.

  • Jobseeker App Feature Manage Jobs

    Employer can view the list of Created Jobs & can manage(add/edit/delete) Jobs.

  • Jobseeker App Feature Update Job status

    Employer can activate/deactivate the Jobs which are posted.

  • Jobseeker App Feature Manage Profile

    Employer can view Profile & can manage(update) Profile. Employer can change password & logo.

  • Jobseeker App Feature Count Search view

    Employer can view the count for total numbers of Search views.

  • Jobseeker App Feature Count Job View

    Employer can view the count for total numbers of Jobs views

  • Jobseeker App Feature Payment History

    Employer can view the Payment Transaction as per the purchased plan.

  • Jobseeker App Feature View Jobseeker Profile

    Employer can view Profile of Jobseekers who have shortlisted or want to Hire.

  • Jobseeker App Feature Plan Invoice

    According to purchased plan invoice will be generated & employer can display/download.

  • Jobseeker App Feature Mail Communication

    Employer can communicate with jobseeker by using the mail.

  • Jobseeker App Feature Mail History

    Employer can manage mail history of custom mail communication.

  • Jobseeker App Feature Dashboard Background Image

    Employer can change/update dashboard background image.

  • Jobseeker App Feature Delete Account

    Employer can delete account by selecting reason.

  • Jobseeker App Feature Import Jobseekers

    Employers can now import jobseekers in bulk through excel file by using the predefined format.

  • Jobseeker App Feature Accept Online Payments

    When it comes to recruitment, accepting payments can be a headache. But with our job board software, you can enjoy a simple and seamless checkout process. Our platform comes with Stripe and PayPal built-in payment gateways, allowing you to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal with ease.

  • Jobseeker App Feature Company Profile Page

    Employers can create a branded company profile page on our job board software, which includes their logo, company information, website, images, videos, and all active jobs posted. This can be a useful tool to attract more applicants and showcase your company culture.

  • Jobseeker App Feature View Jobseeker Contact Details

    Employers will be able to view the jobseeker contact details only if they have that respective membership plan active.