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Web Hosting
Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting

Our top-rated web hosts will provide you access to the resources you need to create professional-looking websites.

We offer you reliable web hosting to establish a presence on the web. With the middle ground, web hosting services range from completely free to extremely pricey. Your hosting needs, as well as your budget, will determine which package is best for you. With the correct hosting package, you'll have access to the resources you need to keep your site loading swiftly and consistently for your visitors.

To illustrate, consider the vast number of companies that now rely heavily on their websites for sales and new clientele. Unreliable websites won't keep visitors waiting, they'll leave for a site that works well and meets their needs easily.

Many companies have benefited from our Web hosting services and business-focused approach to web development, allowing them to launch with an effective interface and powerful business system.

Web Hosting Services

It would be best if you had a reliable web host like Logicspice to put your content on the web for personal or professional reasons. Dependability, safety, and a hassle-free experience are guaranteed with any of our plans.

Web Hosting Services Web Hosting Services

Shared Hosting

Everything you need to launch a successful internet presence quickly, affordably, and with minimal effort.

Web Hosting Services Web Hosting Services

Reseller Hosting

You can run your own business by reselling hosting plans to your customers.

Web Hosting Services Web Hosting Services

Email Hosting

Every email you send should serve as an opportunity to promote your name and reputation.

Web Hosting Services Web Hosting Services


Avail of Professional Help and Advice for Handling Your Virtual Private Server or Dedicated Server!

Web Hosting Services Web Hosting Services

Dedicated Servers

Superior results that will help your company reach new heights.

Web Hosting Services Web Hosting Services

Wordpress Hosting

Use one of the best WordPress hosting services to host your site on servers with settings optimized for the content management system.

Web Hosting Services Web Hosting Services

SSL Certificate

The SSL Certificate provided with our programmes provides fundamental website security. It enables the configuration of HTTPS on websites for secure connections.

Web Hosting Services Web Hosting Services

Website Backup Services

We provide remote backup service. We protect website content, emails, customer data, sales and financial details, and inventory records on a regular basis.

Logicspice Web Hosting Features

Web Hosting has long been the preferred option for many professionals and businesses.


Superlative Results

We are worried about your website's speed. So, we use the most cutting-edge technology to run your website, such as HTTP/3 and IPv6, as well as LiteSpeed web servers and a content delivery network (CDN).


Complete Safety

We prioritize web server safety. Our Linux container - based environment, full DDoS protection, automated website backups, auto-updates, and in-house designed setup will keep your website safe.


Got your Business Covered

In order to accommodate your expanding business and storage needs, Logicspice offers the option to upgrade your current plan for an extra cost.


Constant Availability of Help

You may expect a quick response to your support tickets and access to live chat and phone help in case of any problems.


Maximum Regulated

LogicSpice will keep your code and website safe from harm. We likely have what you need, whether you're experimenting with different versions of PHP or trying to find ways to optimize your databases.


Facilitated Wordpress

Using or managing a WordPress site on the WordPress hosting platform is unnecessary. With features like instant WordPress setup, regular backups, and expert assistance, your WordPress site is in safe hands.


Wordpress Staging

It's not just about having a WordPress site managed for you. Logicspice provides a staging environment for your WordPress live site. You may create a duplicate of your website, experiment with layouts, content, and more, and only publish when ready.


Domain Associated Email Address

Logicspice offers 3 email addresses associated with the cPanel hosting, which can be increased as per specific requirements.

Quick FAQ

Hosting refers to providing a location on a web server for storing a website's files. Hosting a website makes its components accessible over the World Wide Web. A server is where you'll find every website you've ever visited.

Logicspice offers different types of hosting and provides varying amounts of disc space for websites. Shared, dedicated, virtual private server, and reseller hosting are the most common kinds of service. The server technology employed, the extent of administration and the availability of ancillary services all play a part in setting these plans apart.

Today, you may choose from thousands of unique web hosting packages from hundreds of different web hosts.

When you type a website address into your browser, such as https://www.logicspice.com, the browser makes a domain name lookup, in this case, to the Logicspice.com servers. To access the data stored there, a user launches their browser.

Every website you frequent, even those selling goods, must have its domain name and space on a web server. The domain name is like the physical location, whereas the hosting is like the building itself.

Users' impressions of your website are the result of assembling a large number of databases. Like most web hosts, Logicspice hosts your website's files and databases on a shared server.

Whenever you enroll for a dedicated hosting plan with Logicspice, you'll be given access to your account's control panel. The admin panel gives you complete command over your website, allowing you to manage anything from domains and hosting to data and files.

Your website cannot go live and become accessible to the public without a hosting plan. Building a website without even a hosting service is doable, but beginners should probably avoid doing so. If you're unsure how to configure your personal computer to function as a hosting server, you may save money, time, and frustration by using Logicspice Web Hosting Services.

The answer is yes. You can purchase domain names from a different registrar and then direct them to your Logicspice server. Suppose you want to have your domain and website hosted by the same company, which we highly recommend for convenience and easy troubleshooting. In that case, you can transfer your domain name to Logicspice without losing your current site's traffic. Get in touch with our helpful support staff, and they will be glad to help.

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