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Create your own customized calculator for your business to improve your business efficiency. We at LogicSpice provide web calculator development services, which automates and reduces the task of manual calculation for each function.

Web Calculators Solutions


Finance Calculations

Easy to calculate loans, EMI's, insurance or any other financial calculations with our Finance calculator.


Price & Payment Calculators

Let your user calculate prices of your goods and services and pay for it online.


Health & Medical Calculators

Calculate useful dosage and calories for any of your products.


BMI Calculator

Add this BMI calculator into your fitness website and let users calculate their level of fitness

Let us help you to build your own customized web calculator

If you’re interested in building customized calculator for your business then get in touch with us to explore more. Our experts are here to help you in building your own calculator and provide you with ready to embed product.


Benefits of Our Calculator For Your Business

  • Calculators are copyright protected.
  • Complete protection for your clients data.
  • Mobile-friendly version to enhance client satisfaction.

Configure Calculator

You can customize you calculator according to your need.


Set up discounts on you products and services

Easily setup discounts on your products and services and attract your customer base.


Change prices without any programming skills

Easily manageable price section to change prices without any programming skills.


Receive email notifications about orders

Just select email address to receive Order Information via email.

Once you have got your customized calculator, then this can be
embedded in most of the web platforms like

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