Custom E-commerce Development Services

Our custom e-commerce mobile app development and web application development can become the best suitable solution for your business for buying and selling of goods and services online, through a web application or mobile apps.

  • Flexible & robust system
  • Easy to use and comprehensive
  • An award winning platform for a successful business
  • Sparkle your business with our ecommerce solution

Why Logicspice is Best For Custom App/Web Development?

Whether you are expanding a brick-and-mortar store, looking to find an enterprise-level solution, or even starting a business from scratch, your choice of eCommerce app development services has a huge impact on the profitability and stability of your business.

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  • img1Support & Maintenance
  • img1Cost- Efficient
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Select an appropriate eCommerce development platform

Optimal eCommerce Development Procedure
Understand the client's business needs
Create a customized business model
Design the website layout
Establish a prototype for testing
Gather and analyze user feedback
Incorporate approved modifications
Advance to final website development

Ready to Go for Development

We have a team of dedicated developers who are ready to work on your requirements for app or web development. Our solution is robust & highly scalable.


Support & Maintenance

We support our customers from business analysis, designing, development, maintenance. Our team is always available to solve your query.


Cost- Efficient

Our development varies with your requirement. We assure to give cost efficient solution of development.


Future Extendibility

You can extend the features & functionality in your customised app in future if you want to explore more. This feature doesn’t come up with a ready made script.

Custom Ecommerce Development Solution

Our custom ecommerce development solutions will facilitate the shoppers to buy various products online from the website. Customers will have the option to search for different products by selecting the relevant categories and subcategories. They can also search by entering the appropriate keyword.

With the help of on-demand ecommerce development, customers can view the listing of products and can sort/filter them according to their needs. They can view the details and add the items that they want to buy in the cart.

From the cart, customers can purchase the items by paying through an integrated payment gateway. They can track their order once they have placed it. Once the customer has ordered the product, he can also give a rating to it and write a review. As an adept ecommerce app development company, we prioritize delivering these comprehensive solutions for optimal user experiences.

Key Benefits of Our On-Demand Ecommerce Development Services

Social Media Sign Up

Social Media Sign Up

Customers can use their social media accounts like Facebook and Google Plus to sign up to the website

Easy Search
Easy Search

Easy Search

Customers can easily search for their product by either selecting the category & and sub category or entering keywords

Easy Search
Review Feature

Review Feature

Customers can view ratings and reviews of the products before purchasing them

Easy Search
Order Tracking

Order Tracking

Customer can track their orders after they have placed them through the website

Easy Search
Quick Payment

Quick Payment

Customers can easily pay for the purchased products using an integrated payment gateway

Easy Search
Favorites Feature

Favorites Feature

Customers can add their favorite items to a list so that they can find them easily when they visit the website next time

Custom Ecommerce Development Features

Delivery Status


User can search for the products by keyword, category, subcategory, deals or sale.

Smart Routing

Advanced Filters

Filter products by price, brands, size, color, reviews, discount, latest arrivals or seller.

Easy to Use

Product Detail

View the details of the product i.e. description, price, availability, images, reviews and rating.

Automated Dispatching


User can add the product in their wishlist which they like and share the wishlist with the other users.

Admin Control

Order Tracking

Track the order status i.e. dispatched, in transit, delivered and the average delivery time.

Ratings & Reviews

Promo Codes Management

Vendors can manage the promo codes, discount, application products and validity period.

Track Sales

Product Management

Vendors can manage the products in the product section, activate or deactivate the products.

Partial & Failed Delivery Status

Category Management

Admin can add, edit and delete the category. Manage the categories, sub categories.

Custom Ecommerce Portal Development Solution



App idea starts with you. You came to us with your idea and it's our duty to convert your idea into business. We always give value to your idea. Your idea and our suggestion can give a birth to excellent solution to development.



We analyze the market, design UI to deliver the great and effective solution for your business. R&D plays an important role when you start any business. It's our duty to stand out from the competition.



We implement as per your requirements. We believe in transparency and work with your given custom functionality & features. Custom solution is especially focused to fulfill your requirement by adding required features & functionality.



We have a team of expert tested who use advanced tool to test your app. We assure to come up with proper testing and bug free app. We are always available if you find any issue in the custom development.



We offer free support for 1 month after delivering a project to the client.

What Support You Will Get ?


Idea Exchange

We value your idea and with the mutual communication between you and us, we come up with great idea.


Documentation Plan

A proper documentation before start building an app or not rely on a code.


Plan With Prototype

A prototype version of a product, a service or a process and same will be used in order to develop & test.


Regular updated Progress

You will get the updates after progress and with your approval, we move forward.


Payment in Milestone

There is no need to do complete payment for your project. Each payment will get released after completion of each milestone.


First Installation Free

We install the code for the first time free on your live server and if you are going for second time, it is chargeable.


Post Delivery Support

We give free support for the next 6 months.


Long Term Maintenance

We always believe in long term relation with client so we are always available if you are looking for future extendibility.


Third Party Support

We communicate for all the third party installation and support on the behalf of the client.

Asked Questions

Custom eCommerce software development involves tailoring software solutions specifically to the needs and requirements of individual businesses. It encompasses the entire process of designing, developing, and deploying software that aligns with the unique features and goals outlined during the planning phase.

At Logicspice, our team of eCommerce web developers specializes in creating bespoke solutions for online stores, including web development, payment processing, search engine optimization, marketing strategies, and more. While custom eCommerce website development is complex, it plays a crucial role in the success of online businesses. Contact us to learn more about our custom development process and how we can help your eCommerce store thrive.
At Logicspice, we offer a range of eCommerce development services, including custom eCommerce website development, platform development, responsive design, payment gateway integration, app development, plugin development, SEO services, and ongoing maintenance and support. Additionally, we provide comprehensive eCommerce website packages tailored to streamline your online store setup process.
At Logicspice, our eCommerce development process involves several key steps:
  • 1. Understanding client's business needs.
  • 2. Creating a customized business model.
  • 3. Designing the website layout.
  • 4. Establishing a prototype for testing.
  • 5. Gathering and analyzing user feedback.
  • 6. Incorporating approved modifications.
  • 7. Advancing to final website development.

We also provide comprehensive eCommerce solutions for optimal user experiences, including features such as social media sign-up, easy search functionality, review features, order tracking, quick payment options, and favorites lists. Our development process is transparent, and we offer free support for one month after project delivery.
Custom development caters specifically to a business's needs, enhancing operational efficiency and productivity. It allows for seamless scalability, ensuring the application evolves with the business. Integration with existing systems is smoother, bolstering data interchange and collaboration. Advanced security features protect sensitive data effectively. With full control, businesses can continually improve and adapt their applications. User-centric design improves overall experience and satisfaction, providing a competitive edge. When seeking eCommerce web development, partnering with a top custom eCommerce development company is essential.