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Solve Commonly Asked Questions of Your Website Visitors & Clients by Adding FAQ Section In Your Software Application.

We provide the Best FAQ Software which allows you to set up your own FAQ's on your web application by providing an interface to manage your FAQ's in an easy way. Our web FAQ script installation is a one step simple process to create new FAQ's or user suggested FAQ'S also welcomed and that can be also displayed on the script. You can integrate our FAQ software in your website to get hassle from common questions asked by your clients.

Latest Features

FAQ Script FAQ Script

CK Editor

WYSIWYG rich text editor which enables add text, images and text formatting.

FAQ Script FAQ Script


FAQ script is compatible with any screen, tablet or mobile device.

FAQ Script FAQ Script

Email Notification

Subscribed users receive an email notification whenever a new FAQ is added by admin.

FAQ Script FAQ Script

FAQ Requests Welcomed

User requested FAQ's are welcomed, and after admin approval that will be displayed over the front end.

FAQ Script FAQ Script

Subscribe for FAQ's

User are able to Subscribe for the FAQ's

FAQ Script FAQ Script

FAQ Categories

Admin is able to manage FAQ categories.

FAQ Script FAQ Script

Laravel Framework 10.1.5

We have updated the FAQ script framework to the latest one.

FAQ Script FAQ Script

Social Media Sharing

Users are able to share the FAQs through different social media.

FAQ Script FAQ Script

Easy one step Installation

Install the script directly in a single step with no programming skills required.

LS Asker Features

Using our FAQ Script, you will be able to create your own FAQ site within minutes. This script is fully responsive and is compatible with any screen with web, tablet and mobile view.

FAQ Script

FAQ Listing

Users will be able to view the FAQ's added by the admin.

Request FAQ

Users are able to suggest FAQ's which they want should be present in the script.

FAQ Category Listing

Users will be able to view Category wise FAQ.

Send Enquiry

Users are able to send enquiry to the

FAQ Subscriber

Users can subscribe to receive FAQ email notifications for the newly added FAQ's.

Share FAQ

Users are also able to
share FAQ's.

Manage Configuration

Admin can update Username, Password, Email, Contact Us Address, Logo, Favicon, etc

Manage Categories

Admin can view list of categories & can manage(view/add/edit/delete) ca. Admin can activate/ deactivate Categories.

Search & Filter

Admin is able to search FAQ's, Enquiries, Subscribers etc.

Manage FAQ's

Admin can view the list of added FAQ's and can manage(view/edit/delete) the FAQ's.

Manage Enquiries

Admin is able to view and delete the enquiries sent by users.

Manage Subscribers

Admin is able to view Subscribers list who are subscribed for the FAQ's email notifications.

Manage User Requested FAQ's

Admin is able to view the User Requested FAQ's and also able to activate, deactivate, delete, edit it. The activated FAQ's will be displayed over the frontend.

Activate/Deactivate for Category, FAQ Listing

Admin is able to activate and deactivate the Categories, FAQ's added by admin, User Requested FAQ's etc

Secure Login

Admin can login securely in the FAQ script.

FAQ Script FAQ Script

What does our FAQ Script offer you?

  • LS Asker is a knowledge base script and you can use it as a Frequently Asked Questions in your website. You can easily integrate our FAQ Builder in your website to get hassle from the commonly asked questions by your clients.
  • Logicspice offers one of the top FAQ script, helping you to have an extensive FAQ section on your website.
  • It has a robust admin panel to Manage FAQ's, Categories, User Requested FAQ's, FAQ Subscribers through a single dashboard. There isn't any limit for creating Categories, FAQs etc. In our script we have given the features of Subscribe for FAQ's so the subscriber will receive an email notification whenever any new FAQ is added by admin. We also have given the FAQ sharing feature and have allowed users to submit their requested FAQ's. And if the admin thinks that the user requested the FAQ is genuine they can add that in the FAQ listing and that will be displayed over the front end.
  • Our FAQ script has a ckeditor that can support to add text
    and images.
  • Anyone can deploy this ready to use FAQ script with any web app and can also customize according to their need.
  • Free licenses also function the same way, however it has some limitations to update the code.
  • Those users who want to integrate our FAQ script in their web application, then they can have a live demo of our ready-made FAQ script.

Script Update History

V1.1 - April 26th, 2023 - New Features Added and Minor Improvements!

  • Share FAQ Feature
  • Subscribe FAQ Feature
  • Enquiry Feature
  • User Requested FAQ Feature
  • Site Settings
  • Updated the Framework

V1.0 - July 10th, 2020 - New Features Added and Minor Improvements!

  • Category addition for FAQ's
  • Made it Responsive

Used Technologies and Server Requirements

  • Laravel Development
  • HTML5
  • MySQL
  • Apache
  • Browsers - IE 10+, Firefox 110.0+, Chrome 110.0+, Opera 90.0+, Safari 16+
  • Framework - Laravel 10.1.5, Angular 15.2.4
  • Language - PHP 8 Supported, jQuery, TypeScript
  • Design - HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 5.2.3, JavaScript
  • Database - MySQL 8.0.32
  • Server - Apache 2.4+
Laravel Development

Customer Reviews

I have taken this script and have integrated that with my own website. This was an easy task because of logicspice's free installation and support. Keep up the good work.
Marcus Cruz, CanadaLaravel Development
This is the best FAQ script which fulfills all my requirements. Thanks for your great efforts and support while installing the script. And again thanks for Your prompt services it was superb.
Lisa Jonhathan, Switzerland Laravel Development
I bought this script from Logicspice and it worked really nice, it helped to get hassle free from the commonly asked questions of my clients. I recommend it to all who are looking for a FAQ script, it's really nice.
John, USA Laravel Development
4.7 out of 5 stars

Asked Questions

laravel web development

Yes, our scripts are flexible. Clients can customize according to their requirements.

Yes, we believe in long-term relationships and provide technical support to the client at affordable cost.

Sure, we fulfill the client. Your suggestions or ideas are always welcomed which can make your business more interactive.

Yes, We deliver the exact product. We don't compromise with quality at all.

Yes, You can directly install our given script and can manage everything in the admin panel which is very user friendly.

With an extra charge for that, you are allowed to modify the branding there. You can remove our company information and put yours. But you cannot put "copyright by" because only Logicspice owns the copyrights for our softwares.