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Contact Form PHP Script

Attach a contact form to your website to get connect with your users and collect their information.

  • Cross Domain Compatible: The form can be easily integrated with any third-party site without any hassle.
  • No installation is required. Add the HTML/Javascript code directly to the site or page where the form is required.
  • Captcha validation is included in the contact form to make this form more secure and advanced.
  • Get the email with all the details when any user submits the form and respond to their query quickly.
  • The form is compatible with any custom framework including WordPress, Joomla, CakePHP, and Laravel.
  • Form width is extended dynamically to the full width. It can be customized as per your requirements.



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Lead Generation Form Builder

This is an excellent way to customize your contact form with custom form fields like text fields, multiple choice check boxes, radio buttons, file attachment control, drop-down lists, and paragraph text controls on your form. You can generate the custom PHP form with dynamic fields for Lead Generation with our free contact form builder over an online platform. You can select the kind of validation you needed over the form fields so that it validates the data input by the user. You can also put the placeholder text over the form fields if you want to give extra guidance to the user. Once you customized your email/contact/lead generator form format, download it. It's easy and ready to install the contact forms PHP script for your website/webpage online.

You can also put your own form title and description for the php contact form and can select the desired background color of the form and can change the placement of the form objects with a simple drag-and-drop control facility. You can choose the email ID you want to configure for your form to send email. You can change the label of each form field to make it easy to understand for the user.

You can use this custom PHP form builder to generate the form for the purpose of creating a contact form, order inquiry form, or creating a form to collect different choices and preferences from your customers, maybe through your order form or over so many other places where you want to take input from your website visitors. You can use it online wherever you require a good customized contact form, which is ready-made and super easy to install.

This contact form PHP script is an excellent way of bringing in new customers online. This PHP form captures your website leads/inquiries with a simple contact/inquiry/lead form. It could help you in a big way to generate leads through your website. Lead generation can be significantly improved through having a professionally scripted form structure, which is easy to use and has a decent look and format. The flexibility in customizing this form allows you to conduct free-flowing communication and to develop a relationship with the prospect/visitor of your website or web form. We have used a captcha in the form for security purposes.

Lead Generation Form Builder
Select Your Form Fields
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  • File Upload
  • Form Settings
Untitled Form
This is my form, please fill it.
Email Address where you want to receive form data after submission
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Note: To change form title and receiver email, you need to click over the field in right section and update according to your requirement.
Have a look on the advance and flexible set of features in our Lead Generation Form Creator

Customize your Form title, background color, and fields

User can easily customize the form title, color and fields to match your company's brand.

Drag and drop field placements

Place your text field wherever you want top, bottom, or appropriate place.

Put Label, validation, and placeholder text for the fields

Themes with 'fit-all-screen' compatibility allow user to access from mobile as well as tablet.

Email ID to send form values

Update the email id and send the query at your business email.

Preview the Form

Preview your customized form and cross-check all the values.

Download your easy to install form script

Download the lead form and embedded in your website easily.

Contact forms php Script

Logicspice lead generation form builder can be embedded easily onto your website which is fully customizable to match your company's brand. Customize it in your own way and Download the free lead generation PHP form script.

Custom contact forms are essentially a handshake between you and your business prospects. The forms are essential for initiating the engagement between a business and customer. Customize your form to automatically send email notifications after a lead submits the form.

This is very simple but powerful contact form generator. Forms are fully compatible with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or any other web site where you have option to add HTML code.

These lead management PHP script also includes a captcha so, that users can be differentiated from bots. Captcha is an important tool that prevents fake lead generation from automated computers. Whenever a user would fill a form, he has to input the answer to the mathematical question asked in the captcha. If you don't use a captcha in a lead generation, it could result in degradation of the quality of leads generated so, keep the security measures in mind it is necessary to have captcha in forms.

Used Technologies and Server Requirements

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What support you will get?

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    Free Brand Removal
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    Access to Source code

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The word "perfect" is not enough to describe the capability of Logicspice. They are just wonderful and willing to extend the effort until the customer satisfied, definitely will re-hire them
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Excellent work. Would definitely use them again. Fast and effective work.

Quick FAQ

Yes, our given scripts are flexible. Clients can customize according to their requirement.

You can simply download it once you complete adding the fields and text in the form.

HTML, Javascript, Bootstrap, PHP

You need to have basic knowledge of HTML and javascript to integrate the form in your website.

We provide unlimited downloads. You can download any number of forms.

Yes, we provide you the option to create fields and rename the labels as per your requirement.