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Custom Event Booking System Development

On demand mobile App or Web development solution for your business needs.

Rapid customization, because of our team's past experience over similar solutions.

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  • We help you get more from custom solution
  • Improve the experience of the attendees and speakers
  • Be in touch with your conference audience and improve the success of the event.
  • Easy to use interface to manage the event details

Why logicspice is Best For Custom App/Web Development?


Ready to Go for Development

We have a team of dedicated developers who are ready to work on your requirements for app or web development. Our solution is robust & highly scalable.


Support & Maintenance

We support our customers from business analysis, designing, development, maintenance. Our team is always available to solve your query.


Cost- Efficient

Our development varies with your requirement. We assure to give cost efficient solution of development.


Future Extendibility

You can extend the features & functionality in your customised app in future if you want to explore more. This feature doesn’t come up with a ready made script.

Event Booking App Development

This Event Booking System Software will serve as an attractive medium for people to search for Event Managers on the website. People can search for Event Vendors according to their location and category. Customers will be able to see the list of vendors as per the criteria defined by them.

With the help of our on demand online event registration software, they can go through any of the vendor's details that they prefer from the listing. Customers can also create their own event and share it other people using their email.

Event booking website development allow vendors to set up and manage their “Store” over the website by uploading products/service in different – different categories in their account. While adding their services vendors can put them into proper categories and upload images to display their work to their potential customers. Vendors can upload their contact information at event registeration system so that customers can contact them for services.

Key Benefits of Our On Demand Event Booking Software Development


Rating Feature

Customers can view ratings given to different vendors by other customers and rate them themselves


Social Media Sign Up

Customers can use their social media accounts like Facebook and Google Plus to sign up to the website


Location Based Search

Customers can search for products according to the location by entering their zip code


Store Management

Vendors can set up and manage their “Store” over the website easily providing their contact information


Services/Product Management

Vendors can add products/services in their “Store” along with pictures to show their previous work


Favorites Feature

Customers can add their favorite vendors to a list so that they can find them easily next time they visit the site


Event Booking App/Web Development Features

Sign Up

Users can sign up and become members over the site, they can submit email id and password. They can sign up as customer or vendor. They have to enter details like User name, First Name, Last name, Password, Gender, Date of Birth, Country, State, City. They can sign up using their social media accounts like Facebook and Google Plus.

Log In

User/Business Owners can log in over the site by submit their email address and password. While log in they will submit, Email Address and Password. They can log in using their social media accounts like Facebook and Google Plus.

Forget Password

User/Business Owner can reset their password if in case they have lost their password. When they will click on the “Forgot password” they will be asked to enter their email through which they have registered over the site. When they will enter their email a link to reset password will be sent to them on their email. They will be able to reset their password by clicking on this link & following some necessary steps they can reset their password.

User Profile

User/Vendor will be able to manage their basic personal information over the site. They will be able to add/edit details like first name, last name, birthday, email, password and profile picture.

Search Vendor

Users can search for vendors on website based on the following criteria : Vendor Name, Category, Location(Zip Code) and Occasions. For category he may choose from store or products/services. Customers will be able to see the list of vendors as per the criteria defined by him.

Vendor Listing

Customers can see vendor list over the site as per the search criteria defined by him. Customers will be able to see the list of vendors and the details of vendors that customers will be able to see are : Title, Category Name(Store or Product/Service), Location, Rating and Profile Picture. Customers can view the details of the vendor by going to the details page.

Vendor Details

Customers can view details of a particular vendor from the list of vendors. Customer can view details like his store name, pictures of his previous work, services provided by him, Occasions, Description, Price, Rating and Contact Info. They can add the vendor to their favorites list.

Event Creation/Management

Customer can create events website by providing the respective details. They have to enter the following details while creating an event : Title, Date, Time, Description, Event Location and Image(optional). Customers can also manage details of the events that they have created, they will be able to edit/update/delete the events and its details over the site.

Store Setup/Management for Vendor

Vendors to can set up and manage their “Store” over the website by uploading products/service in different – different categories in their account over the site. One vendor can setup only one store. While creating a store they can add details like Store name, Category name, Location and Contact info. Vendors will be able to add/edit/update/delete products/services details in the store over website.

Add/Manage Services

Vendors can add products/services in their “Store” by submitting following details: Name, Category, Description, Pictures and Price.

Online Event Booking System Custom Development Solution

App idea starts with you. You came to us with your idea and it’s our duty to convert your idea into business. We always give value to your idea. Your idea and our suggestion can give a birth to excellent solution to development.

We analyze the market, design UI to deliver the great and effective solution for your business. R&D plays an important role when you start any business. It’s our duty to stand out from the competition.

We implement as per your requirements. We believe in transparency and work with your given custom functionality & features. Custom solution is especially focused to fulfill your requirement by adding required features & functionality.

We have a team of expert tested who use advanced tool to test your app. We assure to come up with proper testing and bug free app. We are always available if you find any issue in the custom development.

We offer free support for 1 month after delivering a project to the client.

What Support You Will Get ?


Idea Exchange

We value your idea and with the mutual communication between you and us, we come up with great idea.


Documentation Plan

A proper documentation before start building an app or not rely on a code.


Plan With Prototype

A prototype version of a product, a service or a process and same will be used in order to develop & test.


Regular updated Progress

You will get the updates after progress and with your approval, we move forward.


Payment in Milestone

There is no need to do complete payment for your project. Each payment will get released after completion of each milestone.


First Installation Free

We install the code for the first time free on your live server and if you are going for second time, it is chargeable.


Post Delivery Support

We give free support for the next 6 months.


Long Term Maintenance

We always believe in long term relation with client so we are always available if you are looking for future extendibility.


Third Party Support

We communicate for all the third party installation and support on the behalf of the client.


User can enter his zip/postal code in the website and all the products/services that are around will be listed to the customer.
Yes. Customer can give rating out of 5 even if they have not purchased the product from a particular Vendor. Customer can also write a review along with the rating.
Time taken to implement your Event Booking System depends on the level of customization and data migration. The time frame generally ranges 5-6 weeks
Yes, Vendors can add products/services in their “Store” along with multiple pictures to show their previous work.
No. A Vendor can only setup one store in which he can upload multiple products/services.
Customer can create events on website by providing the respective details of the event like Date, Time, Description, Event Location etc. They can also edit/update/delete the events and its details over the site.
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