Cipherforex - informational website-logicspice

Cipherforex - informational website

It is an informational website having information about trading. The website will consist around 31 web pages. In this website users can navigate to the home page with containing several different... read more
Cito Health Care Professionals-logicspice

Cito Health Care Professionals

This website we are scoping will serve as on-demand service providing platform for companies and nurses over site. Here users can register as a companies and nurses. When companies foresee staff... read more


The website serves as a cleaner service booking website which is developed using a custom PHP framework, where customers can enter their postal code and if any of the cleaner is available in that... read more
Tipping Cartel-logicspice

Tipping Cartel

This website is a “Sports Tipping Platform” that hosts sports tipping competitions where users can join competitions and can tip over the games listed in them. When they join competition,... read more
Remote Box Office-logicspice

Remote Box Office

The website that we built, is an event ticket booking platform (Based on wordpress plugin Tickera) where organizer can list their events over site using the functions and options of the wordpress... read more
Treasure map App -logicspice

Treasure map App

Overview : Treasure Map is the ONLY tool to help players find Casino/Sweepstakes/other Redemption based games. Users will be able to view stores on the map and access a store profile which... read more
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