"AskOurEinstein" is a tutoring website, which will provide tutoring service. Tutors from all areas of academic including math, science, engineering, chemistry, accounting, finance, biology, economics, computer science, web development, foreign language, history, English, etc. will serve Student/Clients with their guidance. “ASK OUR EINSTEIN” will not only provide answers but teaches by providing details of the fundamental principles and assumptions used to arrive at the answer. The tutors may provide their session to the student via Skype or FaceTime manually. It will help Student/Clients to get information, which is authentic, as they will get it from the qualified Expert/Tutors.

Why they choose US?

AskOurEinstein choose LogicSpice for its ability to develop for complex websites, and the firstAskOurEinstein website version was released in the April of 2016.

What we  served them?

The motto of proposed web solution is to provide online tutoring with best experts and tutors that will be managed by administrator that would be a User Centric, User Oriented and would be easy to navigate and use. The objective of the proposed web solution is to develop effective services.

Technical Configuration:

  • freameworkFrameworkCodeigniter

  • toolToolNetbeans 8.2

  • languageLanguagePHP5, AJAX, jQuery,

    Java scripts

  • databaseDatabaseMySQL

  • serverServerAppache

Client Feedback

dclark24 (Our client) said:"Manish and team were very helpful and professional. This was a very aggressive project with a tight timeline and it was ultimately completed to my satisfaction.”

LogicSpice continues to provide expertise and services in support of AskOurEinstein ongoing program of website development.