This “iPoints App” is an android app for registered members to transfer ipoints to other registered members or other users (not registered over the app). Registered members will purchase ipoints over the app by making payment through PayPal and will be able to transfer ipoints to other registered members or users by adding their contact number. Registered members also can request ipoints from other registered members over the app. Registered members will be required to provide their 4 digit pin code to complete the transfer process. There will be SMS gateway integration of http://www.smsglobal.com/ so that SMS will be sent to the non registered users with a verification code to download the app and view the ipoints received in their account. Registered members can request cash out either in their PayPal account or in their bank account. Registered member’s Paypal account details and bank account details will be saved over the app. Registered members will not have any access to the website. They can only access android app. Administrator will not be able to access android app. They can only access website and view member’s details, statistics regarding the transfer process and set value of each ipoint. There will be payment gateway integration of standard PayPal over the site so that admin can view cash out request and transfer amount to registered member’s Paypal account through website. Amount transfer to registered member’s bank account will take place manually (off site).

Why They Choose Us:

iPoints Demo has chosen us for our ability to develop complex website and providing efficient solutions with logical approach to the requirements. The website has only single version that is running successfully from the date it was released.