iWorks unites and enhances the value of freelancers from Senegal, Africa, and everywhere and offers companies a secure environment to carry out their projects.

iWorks is a global freelance marketplace that aims to connect employers and freelancers. Through this marketplace, employers can hire a freelancer to work in areas of mobile app development, software development, web development, marketing, and many more. As a freelance, it's the best place to find opportunities matching your skills.

iWorks provides freedom to Freelancers to manage their profile, portfolios, and bids and be able to search for projects according to their skills. Freelancers are able to choose their own employers and projects. Also able to search for projects, and respond to employers invitations.

On iWorks Employers are able to find a range of top freelancers, from developers and development agencies to designers and many more. They have used the best search functionality to highlight the best freelancers based on their skills, helping you find talent that’s a good match.