JV Post is a “Package Deliver Service” mobile application that will facilitate customers to place the request for pick & delivery the package over the application by specifying their pickup/drop of location over the iphone/android app. They can add their package type, address details, time of delivery and select a type of desired service. They can make payment for their select services over the website or iphone/android app by making payment via visa, master, PayPal integrated over the website or iphone/android app. Customers request automatically appears on main driver page where all registered drivers can see, for drivers who want to accept the job request. If the driver accepts the request then customer is notified about the time and vehicle number and driver detail such as name and phone number.

Why They Choose Us :

 JV Post has chosen us for our ability to develop complex website and providing efficient solutions with logical approach to the requirements. The website has only single version that is running successfully from the date it was released.

Technical Configuration:

  • freameworkFrameworkCocoa Touch

  • toolToolXcode

  • languageLanguageObjective C, PHP 5.3.x, AJAX,

    jQuery, Java scripts

  • databaseDatabaseMySQL

  • serverServerLinux