'Learn N Earn' is shaping the future of consultation and coaching by connecting learners with tutors or consultants from a one-on-one platform. Users receive advice or personalised coaching via video conference in an inspirational environment!

'Learn N Earn' provides you freedom to choose the gig of which tutors you want to purchase on the basis of review and ratings. Here on 'Learn N Earn' you can communicate with the Tutors before purchasing the gig of that respective Tutors.

The greater the success you have on the training which you're providing, the more likely you are to get hired by learners that use 'Learn N Earn'.

Admin receives Email Notifications for each gig purchase. How many slots are remaining from the scheduled hours will display over the Gig workplace. Admin is able to add money in the users wallets to withdraw and to purchase. Admin is able to manage the prices for packages of each category, Tutors slots which are booked by Learners will display in red color so that other Learners are not able to purchase that. Learners can purchase by doing payment through stripe or by using wallet amount

Tutors and Learners can communicate with each other with the internal messaging feature they can share images, documents through the message feature. Learners are able to post reviews to the Tutors once the gig is completed.