Trucking21 Loadboard is one of the best website for transporting couriers/shipments, from one location to another in the United States. To avoid the hassle of relocating from one place to another, one just has to contact the team of Trucking21 Loadboard and their proficient and highly experienced team members will give an extensive service of transporting various items.

Trucking21 Loadboard Customers can directly communicate with the Transporters before placing the Enquiries. Customers are able to see the Trucks directly without placing their Enquiries and they can place Enquiries according to availability of the Trucks.

Customers can share their enquiry listing directly to the transporters by communicating with them. Also customers can get multiple quotes for the same shipment request and they would be able to decide from whom they want to do the shipment.

The client has purchased our Logistic Marketplace script so that, they can do their Logistic business more efficiently and they wanted to open up things to make it more transparent for customers in the United States.

This application show the total number of shipments which are ongoing over the website and number of transporters which are doing that shipments.

Customers are able to take a look at “How does it work?” section, so it will be easy to understand how Trukcing21 Loadboard works.

This application also serves three types of customers, that can be Shipper, Broker or Freight Forwarder. Radio buttons are provided for the user type selection, over the customer registration page. And also the Admin is able to change the user type from the administration panel, if they want.


Customers are also able to see and search the trucks and also be able to place the shipment enquiry as per the availability of the trucks.

Customers are also able to see and search the transporters from the transporter listing. They can communicate with the Transporter directly through the internal messaging system.

Trucking21 Loadboard customers are able to place their Shipment Enquiry Listing easily. And are also able to manage their enquiry listing.


As per the custom requirement, we added a feature of copying and sharing the URL of specific customer’s available shipments. So that customer can easily share that URL of the shipment enquiries to different transporters.


Transporters are able to place a quote over the shipment enquiry that they think is suitable for them. They are able to see and search the listing of enquiries. With the radius search feature transporters can search the enquiries for the specific area of pickup place or destination place.


Before placing any quote for the first time, the transporter has to purchase the subscription plan for placing the quote. Transporters can either go ahead with the free plan or can purchase the paid plan over the website itself through the online payment processing.

The website has subscription plans for transporters on the basis of unlimited bid for a number of days. Transporters aren’t able to view the details of the jobs till they subscribe to any plan. Transporter subscription plan Management is given at admin side, where administrator is able to Add, Update, Delete, Activate and Deactivate the plan.


Once the Transporter places a quote it depends on the Customer which quote they accept. This is how this transporter marketplace application works.