Pension Plan Management

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The motto of "Pension Plan Management" web solution is to provide online viewing portfolio that will be offered by administrator that would be a User Centric, User Oriented and would be easy to navigate and use. The objective of the proposed web solution is to develop effective services

Why they choose US?

Choose LogicSpice for its ability to develop for complex websites, and the first PensionPlan website version was released in the March of 2014. To date PensionPlan has released another version to this website by adding some new features to this website.

What we  served them?

"Pens Plus Project” facilitates the users to administer and Employee keep track of the pension funds. There will be 4 user mode over the website i.e. administrator, Employer (HR Department), External Asset Manager and Employee. Admin will be able to manage the HR Department, External Asset Manager and employees and their profile from admin panel. Admin will be able to create the pension plan with respective details and strategies to respective pension plan over the website. Admin will be able to view the portfolio of respective user and then can manage them. Hr department will be able to manage the details of the employee and then can add income declaration of current year. The admin will be able to add documents for the respective employee.

Technical Configuration

Framework – CakePHP Language – PHP5, AJAX, jQuery, Java scripts, Database – mySql Server – Apache

Client Feedback

Beat (Our client) said:“Excellent work again from phpMaestro! They definitely put their best effort into the project along with very valuable inputs regarding possible enhancements of the web project. With phpMaestro you don't just hire someone to execute your project specification but much more someone who helps you really make good and sophisticated web project. The communication is greate and feedback time very short. I really can't find anything to criticise and will definitely rehire soon as I'm very happy with their work. Thanks a lot to Manish and his team!”

LogicSpice continues to provide expertise and services in support of PensioPlan ongoing program of website development.