TicketShak is a Marketplace Site to find out tickets. This site will facilitate sellers to post their tickets over the site under different categories and sub categories and buyers will be able to search for them by browsing through categories and sub categories. Sellers will also be able to upload e-tickets over the site in the pdf format so that with each e-ticket post he will be able to multiple pdf files depending on the number of tickets. Buyers wil also be able to search for them by defining postal code of their location and defining radius of search. Sellers will be of two types business sellers and individual sellers. Along with that admin will also be able to post tickets over the site. Buyers will be able to add tickets in their shopping cart and purchase them by IDEAL. Email notification wil be sent to the seller regarding the purchase if he still wants to sell his ticket. He has to either confirm or cancel the booking. If seller cancels the booking, buyer will be refunded his money from the site admin manually. If he confirms the booking he will be required to download packaging slip (in pdf) and post the ticket to the buyer manually.

Why they choose US?

TicketShak has chosen us for our ability to develop complex websites and providing efficient solutions with logical approach to the requirements. The website has only single version that is running successfully from the date it was released.

What we  served them?

The motto of proposed web solution is to provide online booking for tickets that will be offered by administrator that would be a User Centric, User Oriented and would be easy to navigate and use. The objective of the proposed web solution is to develop effective services which would: Buyers can find put different ticket details over the site and they can book them through making payment over the site.

Technical Configuration:

  • freameworkFrameworkCakePHP

  • toolToolNetbeans 8.2

  • languageLanguagePHP5, AJAX, jQuery,

    Java scripts

  • databaseDatabaseMySQL

  • serverServerAppache

Client Feedback

Konata (Our Client) said: “Excellent work. Would definitely use them again. Fast and effective work.”

We continue to provide expertise and services in support of TicketShak's ongoing program of website development.