Overview :

Treasure Map is the ONLY tool to help players find Casino/Sweepstakes/other Redemption based games. Users will be able to view stores on the map and access a store profile which includes information on: types of games and fish tables, current available promotions, available amenities, store reviews and much, much more. Please leave a thoughtful review on every store you play at so other customers can be properly informed before they visit a new location. To benefit you, all players will receive a notification when promotions are posted at nearby stores within 25 miles.

Why They Choose Us:

Treasure Map has chosen us for our ability to develop complex app and providing efficient solutions with logical approach to the requirements. The website has only single version that is running successfully from the date it was released.

Technical Configuration:

  • freameworkFrameworkCocoa Touch

  • toolToolXcode

  • languageLanguageSwift 3.0, Node.js, AJAX,

    jQuery, Java scripts

  • databaseDatabaseMySQL

  • serverServerAppache