The application serves as “Physical Edge” iPhone App. Here teachers can view lessons or activities posted over the app by admin or other teachers and can export the lessons via email. The app can facilitate teachers to register over app and can browse through the activities listed either by everyone or by friends also. They can post their likes or comments over any activity and can export interested activity as their lesson plan to their mail in a defined template. They can even download sign PDF's associated with activities over app. They can also import their class roster (via .CSV file) and can add/edit/delete the periods for each class. They can also list the grades for different categories for each of the student and can export the period details to their email. They can define / manage events in their calendar and can export any particular event details to their email. They can also submit their activities by embedding YouTube videos & description over app.

Why They Choose Us:

Physical EDGE app has chosen us for our ability to develop complex website and providing efficient solutions with logical approach to the requirements. The website has only single version that is running successfully from the date it was released.

Technical Configuration:

  • freameworkFrameworkCocoa Touch

  • toolToolXcode

  • languageLanguageObjective C, PHP 5.5.x, AJAX,

    jQuery, Java scripts

  • databaseDatabaseMySQL

  • serverServerLinux