Cookies Policies

1. Introduction

Welcome to Logicspice Consultancy Private Limited's Cookies Policy. This document aims to clarify how we employ cookies on our website, the types of cookies used, and the impact on your privacy. By continuing to use our website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with this policy.

2. Understanding Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device when you visit a website. These files contain information about your browsing preferences and activities, enhancing your overall online experience.

3. How We Use Cookies

We utilize cookies for various purposes:

  • Essential Cookies: These cookies are vital for the basic functionality of our website, allowing features such as user authentication and preventing unauthorized access.
  • Analytics Cookies: Employed to collect data on how users interact with our website, analytics cookies assist us in improving the overall performance and user experience.
  • Preference Cookies: These cookies store your preferences, such as language settings, providing a personalized and seamless browsing experience.
  • Advertising Cookies: Some cookies facilitate targeted advertising, ensuring that the advertisements you see are more relevant to your interests.

4. Types of Cookies We Use

  • Session Cookies: Temporary in nature, session cookies are deleted when you close your browser, tracking activities within a single session.
  • Persistent Cookies: These cookies remain on your device for a predetermined period, enhancing user experience by retaining preferences and settings.
  • Third-Party Cookies: Some of our pages display content from external providers, e.g. YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter. Our website may incorporate third-party services that deploy their own cookies for analytics, advertising, and other purposes. Please refer to the privacy policies of these third parties for further information. These third-party services are outside of the control of the Commission. Providers may, at any time, change their terms of service, purpose and use of cookies etc.

5. Your Choices Regarding Cookies

Most web browsers allow you to control cookie settings. You can configure your browser to accept, reject, or notify you when a cookie is set. However, disabling cookies may impact the functionality of certain features on our website.

6. Changes to This Cookies Policy

We may periodically update this Cookies Policy to align with evolving practices or legal requirements. Any revisions will be posted on this page, accompanied by the updated "Last Updated" date.

7. How can you manage cookies?

Removing cookies from your device

  • You can delete all the cookies that are already on your device by clearing the browsing history of your browser. This will remove all cookies from all websites you have visited.
  • Be aware though that you may also lose some saved information (e.g. saved login details, site preferences).
  • Managing site-specific cookies
  • For more detailed control over site-specific cookies, check the privacy and cookie settings in your preferred browser
  • Blocking cookies
  • You can set most modern browsers to prevent any cookies being placed on your device, but you may then have to manually adjust some preferences every time you visit a site/page. And some services and functionalities may not work properly at all (e.g. profile logging-in).

8. Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about this Cookies Policy, please reach out to us at:

Logicspice Consultancy Private Limited

Email Address:- [email protected]

Contact Number:- +919829559922

This Cookies Policy is integral to our commitment to transparency and safeguarding your privacy. We appreciate your trust in Logicspice Consultancy Private Limited.