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What does our Crowdfunding Product do for you ?

The crowdfunding product that we have developed will enable the people to donate money for various categories of causes that they may have favor for. People who want to collect funds(Fundraisers) can be registered to the website and can create campaign based on different categories of fundraising, setting a goal for the campaign. Once they create a campaign, it has to be approved by the admin before it can be made public. Once a campaign is approved by admin, it is valid for 90 days. Fundraisers can choose if they want to keep their campaign private or public. They can also choose if they want to show to public that how much amount is already collected.

Crowdfunding software work upon the 'Commission-based' revenue model. Owner pre-decided percentage amount of commision from each project being funded. This Fundraising software is easy way to make money. Start your own crowdfunding website like kickstarter clone.

Visitors who wish to donate for a cause can look at the different campaigns in different categories that are uploaded by fundraisers. Once they find a suitable campaign, they can donate in them by entering their information in this fundraising software.

Have a look on the advance and unique set of features that are powered in our

Crowd Funding PHP Script


Website Comission

Get pre-decided commission from each project being funded.


Category Management

Create multiple categories and divide the campaign based on the suitable category.


Flexible Campaign

Campaign be made public or private by the fundraisers.


Donate Without Registration

Users do not need to be registerd for donation.


Add Campaign Video

Fundraisers can add YouTube/Vimeo link to the campaign.


Campaign Updates

Add campaign updates to keep user up to date

Crowd Funding Mobile Application

Take our Crowd Funding Application similar to kickstarter clone on your smart mobile phones. The mobile application will provide all the features of the website. Get in touch with Logicspice today to get a demo of your app. Our mobile app is under improvement and development.

Crowd Funding Mobile Application
*The price is just for an android app. iPhone app will be priced separately.
Our Crowd Funding Application will provide the fundraisers the means to collect funds from around the world.

Fundraising Software Script

Sign Up for Fundraisers

Fundraisers can sign up to become members over the website. They have to enter details like First Name, Last name, Password, Email, Mobile no. and their PayPal email id. They can add their profile image while signing up or do it later. Fundraisers will receive an email using which he can activate their account.

Log In for Fundraisers

Fundraisers can log in over the site by submit their email address and password.

Forgot Password

Fundraisers can reset their password if in case they have lost their password. When they will click on the “Forgot password” they will be asked to enter their email through which they have registered over the site. When they will enter their email a link to reset password will be sent to them on their email. They will be able to reset their password by clicking on this link & following some necessary steps they can reset their password.

Fundraiser Profile

Fundraisers will be able to view and manage their basic personal information over the site. They can view their Image, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Contact no. and PayPal email address. Fundraisers can edit these information, change their password, change their picture. They can also maintain their campaigns and create new ones.

Create Campaign

Fundraisers can create a new campaign to receive funds from the donors. While adding a new campaign fundraisers has to fill the following information : Campaign Name, Description, Youtube/Vimeo video link, Category, Sub Category, City, State, Country, Choose to make campaign Public or Private and Goal Amount. They also have an option to add an image to the campaign. They can upload more pictures later. Every campaign the user creates must be approved by the admin and once approved will be valid for 90 days.

Campaign Management

Fundraisers can view a list of campaigns that are created by them. They can view Total amount collected, Title, Description, Category, Sub Category, Goal Amount, Days left in campaign to expire and Gallery. They can post new updates on the campaign and edit details of the Campaign. They can also delete the campaign. Fundraisers can decide to show the total collected fund to the visitors or not.

Campaign Updates

Fundraisers can add new updates to the campaign to updated the visitors how the money collected is being used by them. The updates will be visible in the campaign detail along with the date on which the status was updated.

Campaign Gallery

Fundraisers can manage the images uploaded by them in a campaign. They can view all the image and choose to delete them. They can also add new images to the campaign from the gallery.

Campaign Search

Visitors can search for the campaigns that they want to donate their money. They can view the latest campaigns on the homepage and for viewing specific campaigns they can enter Name or City of the campaign. A list of campaigns will be displayed on the website.

Campaign Listing

Visitors can view a list of campaigns on the campaign listing page. They can view details like Picture, Campaign title, Category, Sub category, Goal, Location, Raised by and Total received amount(if made public by fundraiser). Visitors can choose to view the campaigns in a specific category. They will be able to view the details of any campaign they are interested in.

Campaign Details

Visitors can view details of a campaign where they can see Campaign title, Picture, Category, Sub category, Goal, Location, Raised by and Total received amount(if made public by fundraiser). They can also view the updates that are entered by the fundraisers and see the people who have denoted for the cause. They will be able to see the name of the donor(if they have made it public) and the amount they have donated along with the comment if any.

Donate for a Cause

Visitors can donate in a specific campaign by entering their details like Name, Email address, Contact no., Amount to Donate and optional comments if any. They can choose if they want to publish their name on the campaign detail or not. If they dont publish their name, it will be counted as anonymous donation. There will be an integration with paypal payment gateway.

Currently this product is under development and demonstration will not available for some days. We will be back to you once it's ready to present.

Used Technologies and Server Requirements

  • CakePHP Development
  • HTML5 Development
  • MySQL
  • Apache
  • Browsers - IE 9+ , Firefox 32.6+, Chrome 20.0+, Opera 30.0+, Safari 5+
  • Framework - CakePHP
  • Language - PHP 5.4+, AJAX, jQuery
  • Design - HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript
  • Database – MySQL 5.5+
  • Server – Apache 2.4+

What support you will get?

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    Free Updates
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    Free Support
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    Free Brand Removal
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    Free Installation
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    Access to Source code
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Professional, Always put in extra effort, Good Knowledge. One of the best Developer. Will continue to work with them with upcoming project.
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The word "perfect" is not enough to describe the capability of Logicspice. They are just wonderful and willing to extend the effort until the customer satisfied, definitely will re-hire them
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Excellent work. Would definitely use them again. Fast and effective work.
Quick FAQ

Yes since the donation will be made through PayPal payment gateway, the donor needs to have a paypal account.

Yes, the donor can do multiple donations for the same campaign.

Fundraisers can share their private campaigns to their social media accounts or can share their link to possible donors.

Time taken to implement your Crowdfunding System depends on the level of customization and data migration. The time frame generally ranges from 7 business days to 30-40 days for complex implementations.

No. We believe in transparency of work so you need not worry about any hidden charges

You can add a video link to your campaign explaining your cause. You can also share your campaign on various social media websites.

No. The installation of our Crowdfunding Product will be absolutely free of cost.

Yes. Fundraisers can upload multiple pictures which he can manage from the gallery. Visitors can view the pictures on the campaign page.

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