Intuitive Mobile Apps for Restaurants that is Affordable, Scalable & Fully Customizable. Get orders and different reports along with internal order processing done through the mobile app.

  • Discount Coupon : Generate discount coupons to reduce prices when ordering food online.This can be fixed or in some percentage.
  • Restaurant Menu Builder : Create an attractive restaurant menu organized in categories.
  • Add Multiple Dishes : Add dishes with details, speciality and more.
  • Payment Integration : Restaurant can receive payment using paypal, credit or debit card or cash on delivery.
  • Responsive website (mobile friendly)
  • White labeled script
  • Pickup & Delivery : User can either pick up their order by own or can be delivered through restaurant.
  • Delivery Address Management: Save your address for the first time and use it in future as well. Customer can manage their saved addresses easily.
  • One time License Fee

Food Ordering Script Features

Using our food ordering script, restaurant owners will be able to list their menu, manage orders, kitchen staff, coupon code and payment option. Customers can search restaurant on the app by filtering category. You can also request for customization in our script.
  • img Manage Account

    Restaurants can view account and edit account.

  • img View Received Orders

    Restaurants can view the orders details like Order no., Order Status, Placed Date/Time, Order type.

  • img Manage Delivery Charges

    Restaurant can manage delivery charges like pickup available(on/off) option, if the status on this will applicable to all orders and if off than delivery charge will be zero, vespa delivery price, car delivery price, delivery charges limit

  • img Manage Kitchen Staff

    Restaurant can add new kitchen staff, edit kitchen staff details, delete kitchen staff details and can activate or deactivate them.

  • img Mangage Delivery Person

    Restaurant can add new delivery person, edit delivery person details, delete them and activate or deactivate them.

  • img Manage Order Status

    Restaurant can view the Order status which will keep track of order's like order is delivered or not.

  • img Manage Opening Hours

    Restaurant can manage the status(Online/Off-line for specific hours) of Restaurant's Opening Hours. Restaurant will not accept any order when status is "Off-line".

  • img Manage Coupon Codes

    Restaurant can add their coupon codes with coupon code, discount, start time and end time. Can edit, delete and activate and deactivate them

  • img View Payment History

    Restaurant can view payment history like transaction id, order number, amount, date and time

  • img View Membership Payment History

    Restaurant can view membership payment history like transaction id, plan, amount, date and time.

  • img View Reviews

    Restaurant can view the ratings provided by Customer & Restaurant can reply over the reviews. Restaurant are not allowed to delete the reviews.

  • img View All Restaurants

    Can view all the restaurants and its details.

What does Our Multi Restaurant Food Ordering Script offer you ?

The food ordering script that we have developed will serve as an attractive medium for customers to order food from the restaurants. It provides an option for delivery or pickup of food item both. Our online food ordering clone script enables users to get their favorite delicious food from recommended restaurants online at their doorstep without any hassle.

Are you looking for single restaurant food ordering system? We have launched a hassle free hosted solution for food ordering at affordable price.

Online Food Ordering Software Script For Restaurant (Web/Mobile App) :

This will allow the customer order from multiple restaurants by selecting city, area over the site. Customers will be able to select a Restaurant from the list and order. They can view the popular restaurants, according to the rating and once the order is delivered, they can rate the restaurant as well.

Are you looking for a food ordering script like UberEats Clone, Zomato Clone, foodpanda clone, just eat clone, swiggy clone script, nearby clone script, talabat clone script or eat24hours clone? Then logicspice will be right choice for online food ordering and food delivery system. It gives you all the possibilities that a script of foodpanda clone or just eat clone, takeaway food order script etc have. You can give your customer options to pickup their food by themselves to provide them a more convenient solution. Logicspice have created a top food delivery script to provide customers the best experience. The interesting fact is that we have a food ordering mobile app for iphone and android app with latest features for food ordering and delivery business that boost your business in your budget. Our restaurant online ordering app effortlessly user friendly and intuitive is all what one wish for in a mobile app.

Subscription Model

Experience convenience like never before with our subscription-based hassle-free model, available at just USD 45 per month, limited offer available for the first year.

Key Benefits:

  • Lifetime Updates: Enjoy complimentary updates for your software version throughout its lifespan.
  • Timely Upgrades: Seamlessly transition to upgraded versions at regular intervals, all at no extra cost.
  • Zero Setup Fees:- There are no additional charges for the setup and installation of the software, making it easier for customers to get started.
  • Mobile Apps: Stay perpetually connected with Android and iPhone apps, available for an additional USD 45 per month for each, android or iPhone. Mobile apps will include customer and Restaurant/Kitchen Staff/Delivery Person app only. These apps will be launched through your dedicated developer accounts on Google Play and the Apple App Store.
  • Effortless Program Operation: Revel in robust bandwidth that guarantees your program runs flawlessly, supported by resources allocated to your subscription model. Any increase in allocated resources will incur additional charges beyond the standard subscription model.
  • Enduring Support: We are committed to providing lifelong assistance through our subscription model. If any software issues arise, our dedicated technical team will promptly address them during office hours.
  • Personalized Customization Assistance: Delivering Custom Features According to Client Requirements at additional cost.

Discover a new era of convenience and efficiency with our subscription offering. Subscribe today and elevate your experience with our readymade solution!

Delivered Solution

$895 USD

$1,500 USD

32 Reviews

The solution offered by Logicspice provides several advantages that can assist you in expanding your business within the competitive market. Here are some key benefits outlined below:

  • Obtain a lifetime license for your domain under the pro license with a one-time fee.
  • Enjoy free installation of the software for the first time.
  • Benefit from a white-labelled solution featuring your branding, logo, and content at no additional cost.
  • Access custom features according to your specific requirements, available at an additional charge.
  • Receive three months of complimentary support for any bugs or issues you encounter.
  • Experience efficient communication channels via email, WhatsApp, Google Meet, Skype, Zoom and Teams.

For details on an Enterprise license, please contact us.

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Used Technologies and Server Requirements

  • Laravel Development
  • HTML5
  • MySQL
  • Apache
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Browsers - Firefox 32.6+, Chrome 20.0+, Opera 30.0+, Safari 5+, IE 9+
  • Framework - Laravel 5+
  • Language - PHP 5.4+, AJAX, jQuery
  • Design - HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 3.3.7, JavaScript
  • Database - MySQL 5.5+
  • Server - Apache 2.4+

What support you will get?

  • Free Support
    Free Support
  • Free Brand Removal
    Free Brand Removal
  • Free Installation
    Free Installation
  • Easily scalable
    Easily scalable

Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
"Perfect clone script to launch an online food startup. This script is embedded with awesome features. Thank you guys."
Jack caron, UK mobile app development in USA
"An extremely quick and helpful solution for online food business startup. Thanks to logicspice team for their timely support services."
W. Desuza, USA mobile app development in USA
"I wanted to build a site like just eat & swiggy for online food delivery and I bought this food ordering script because it has many features similar to what I was expecting. It was very easy to install and works GREAT. Thank you logicspice."
Marian Keli, Belgium mobile app development in USA

Quick FAQ

No. The customer can only review/rate the restaurant once his order has been delivered.

Time taken to implement your product depends on the level of customization and data migration. The time frame generally ranges from 7 business days to 30-40 days for complex implementations.

No. The installation of the product will be absolutely free of cost.

Yes customer can cancel his order but only till the restaurant has not confirmed it. Once the order is confirmed, the customer cannot cancel it.

Yes the customers can see if their order has been confirmed, canceled or delivered. Also, restaurants can add custom order status that they would like so that customers can be updated about each step of the order delivery.

Customer will receive an email whenever the restaurant owner will change the order status on his end.

Yes. Customers can save their delivery addresses on the website. Once they order their food for the first time, their address is saved. Ordering again they will be offered to select the previous address. The Customer can also manage their saved addresses and they can edit or delete old addresses.

Yes, You will have access of the all the code, except some of the core encrypted files.

You will be licensed to use it only for the domain, you purchased for.

No, You can’t resell the script. All rights will remain with Logicspice only.

Yes, we offer 30 days money back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction of our softwares. If for any reason, you wish to discontinue using the product, you can ask us for refund. We will refund your total money except the installation and configuration charges, which is USD 65 or 20% of application cost, whichever is greater.

We recommend you purchase SSL certificate along with a hosting server, considering that an SSL certificate is necessary for all the websites these days and it provides a secure layer to the website as well.

Food Ordering Software Features