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Logicspice offers you to hire dedicated programmer who will work exclusively for your projects - 8 hours per day and minimum of 176 hours of every month. Key highlights for hiring a dedicated & expert developers from us -



From a very long time now, Logicspice has been providing a wide variety of Angular.js services through its talented team of Angular.js developers. The team of dedicated Angular.js developers that we have is very much aware of all the editions of Angular.js including the latest versions. Hire Angular.js Experts from Logicspice to work on your projects.

TEAM LEAD(Angular.js development)

TEAM LEAD(Angular.js development)

TEAM LEAD(Angular.js development)

The team leaders who manage our Angular.js team have a vast experience in handling the projects assigned to the team. They help the team whenever they need it and provide a timeline for every project so that the clients receives timely feedback about it. The Angular.js team leads provide assurance and promise to deliver the best Angular.js solutions to the customer. It is their job to manage the team members and the tasks/projects that are assigned to them.

Hire dedicated Angular JS Developers

We, logicspice, provide AngularJS development services globally. If you are looking for a front end development company to build your application using Javascript framework based front-end platform, then hire expert AngularJS developers from our company which have worked more than 500 clients in industry.
Our dedicated full stack developers built your application according to your requirements and which meet your programming needs. Our best AngularJS developers delivers projects on time with reasonable prices.
It is industry’s best choice if you’re looking for a framework with a solid foundation.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is an open-source Front-end JavaScript framework. It is used to build browser-based applications with MVC (Model-View-Controller) capability. It is frequently used for Single-Page Applications.

AngularJS is built and maintained by Google engineers. It standardize web application structure and provides a reliable template for client-side apps.

It is being used by a host of applications, ranging from job-script to commercial products. Web development community is using AngularJS after adapting as a viable framework for client-side development.

It provides efficient and reliable code that is used to build a good-performance project.


Extension to HTML by directives: Directives can be HTML templates also, in case of SPA(single page apps) they are used to load views on the fly.

REST easy: In modern days the Restful actions are quickly becoming the standard for communicating from the server to the client. One line of JavaScript code is frequently used to communicate with server and fetching the requested data to interact with web pages.

MVC model: MVC model is used in AngularJS. There are controllers for interacting with Models and view is front-end element.

Services: Angular has some really useful built-in services for common tasks like ajax, navigation in the case of SPA(single page apps).

We amaze you with our future-ready solutions

Logicspice strive to deliver future ready solutions of the highest quality and standard. Our dedicated expert rectify each bugs and issues with precision. We make you stand apart from the crowd and lead the industry.

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We Include

  • A. 100% confidentiality - strict NDA terms
  • B. Moneyback gurantee - Amount will not be refunded by us if
    • Your invoice is alraedy generated
    • There has been an abuse of our terms of use
    • The project has ended.
    • Moneyback will be only for unbilled hours
  • C. Technical Support (In working hours only)

why Hire from LogicSpice

Qualified, Experienced resources
Qualified, Experienced and certified resources
Flexible Hiring Models - Logicspice
Flexible Hiring Models
Rapid and Effective development - logicspice
Rapid yet Effective development
Monitor team’s performance
Monitor team’s performance on regular basis
Track Progress with Project Management
Track Progress with Project Management Tools
Fast and easy communication
Fast and easy communication
Flexible Timing - Logicspice
Flexible Timing
Cost-efficient development - logicspice
Consistent Technical and Administrative support
Consistent Technical and Administrative support
Highly Secured Development - Logicspice
Highly Secured Development Area
Dependable supervision and execution
Dependable supervision and execution
Optimized Coding - Logicspice
Optimized Coding
deadlines developers
We take deadlines very seriously
Project confidentiality - Logicspice
100% confidentiality - strict NDA terms
moneyback gurantee - Logicspice
100% moneyback gurantee
Availability and scope of expansion - logicspice
Availability and scope of expansion
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