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Hire Software Testers

Being in the technical industry, everyone is well aware of the importance of product testing. Testing of the product is the valuable phase of the development cycle. The product without testing may be full of bugs which may not be usable for the customer end and client end also. The same applies on software or any other web and app development service. Hire QA analyst from logicspice to get your website developed in a professional manner.
We are having a team of well experienced QA testers who performs testing, functional testing, compatibility testing, database problems, and migration solutions. You can opt out either manual testing service or automated testing service. Manual testing is all about testing the code thoroughly and automation testing is done by running few scripts.

Logicspice is full of resource for mobile application testing, website testing, web application testing, product testing or software testing. Hire quality analyst from logicspice who have in-depth understanding and proven knowledge in working on latest softwares in technology.

Technical expertise

  • Bug tracking tools: Bugzilla, JIRA, Github
  • Understanding of most of the browsers
  • Experienced in SDLC & STLC
  • Great knowledge of web technologies
  • Experience in writing scripts for automated testing

Hire us for the following testing services

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    1. General testing

    System testing, compatibility testing, functional testing, Accessibility testing

  • icon-2

    2. Domain testing

    Mobile testing, CRM testing, CMS testing

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    3. Special testing

    Web app testing, App Testing, Database testing

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    4. Automated testing

    Model testing, Data driven testing, Load testing


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Why hire from Logicspice Mobile and Web development company

Qualified, Experienced resources
Qualified, Experienced and certified resources
Flexible Hiring Models - Logicspice
Flexible Hiring Models
Monitor team’s performance
Monitor team’s performance on regular basis
Track Progress with Project Management
Track Progress with Project Management Tools
Fast and easy communication
Fast and easy communication
Flexible Timing - Logicspice
Flexible Timing
Cost-efficient development - logicspice
Consistent Technical and Administrative support
Consistent Technical and Administrative support
Dependable supervision and execution
Dependable supervision and execution
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We take deadlines very seriously
Project confidentiality - Logicspice
100% confidentiality - strict NDA terms
Availability and scope of expansion - logicspice
Availability and scope of expansion
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