Magento web development

Magento is an astounding open source ecommerce development platform. The developers of Magento provide a significant addition to their users with an assortment of choices and development options catered by the Magento and we as a web development company can customize them to meet any specific requirements of customization. Magento web development is rendered via a MVC or Model View Controller, EAV or Entity Attribute Value model and database. Magento presents its users with a large number of alternatives to its users which was not a common practice at earlier frameworks. Magento has become the most preferred ecommerce platform developer with over 150,000 sites rendered under its framework.

Magento Web Development

Magento website designing and custom development services have been utilized by many leading enterprises. We provide our clients with a larger choice base than any other framework developer.

LogicSpice has utilized the developers of Magento Development Services to its fullest. Websites built by our Magento ecommerce development workers are stable, have a flexible scalability and a large reach. Websites built by Magento ecommerce development workers are stable, have a flexible scalability and a large reach. Our developers have inculcated dynamic factors in every project that went through their hands. These dynamic features include transaction portals, transactions alternatives, multi-faceted functionality, loyalty programs, categorized overview, etc. These features help ecommerce websites to meet the ever changing and varying needs of customers.

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Magento Web Development Services

Magento Customization Services

Our highly satisfying customization service will meet the needs of your ecommerce page.

Shopping Cart Service

Smooth payment portals and easy checkout is one of our specializations.

Magento Extension and Attachments

Magento tunes your ecommerce with extension and attachment development offers.

3rd Party Application Integration

By integrating your business webpage with 3rd party APIs and other magento web development services, we ensure steady and efficient performance of your business application.

Theme and Design integration

Magento web designing services present our clients with alluring framework designs which will attract more users.

Magento Webpage Development

Our renowned web development services are always ready to cater to your needs no matter how intricate they are.

Magento speed maximization

Your ecommerce will support highest of the renderings in no time after a speed optimization by Magento ecommerce development services.

Magento Migration Services

Our Magento Website Development company also provides for migration between the different platforms.

Core Features of Magento Web Development


Wide Scoped Catalog Management

Improvised management of the catalog at every level.


One Webpage Checkout

Simple and hassle free check out facility available.


Feature-full Accounts

Well maintained and featured accounts are provided.


Extensive Browsing Support

24 x 7 good quality browsing support.


Search Engine Friendly

The Magento platform is known for its SEO friendly and smooth framework.


Marketing, Promotion and Advertisement Tools

All types of tools as per business needs are offered.

Why Choose our Magento Web Development Services for your ecommerce website?

Integration of customizable themes & layouts

Magento web designing services offers alluring theme designs.

Magento speed optimization

Magento offers a speedy portal and shopping cart checkout system.

Secured Magento web page access

Magento web pages are highly secured and user friendly.

Magento framework

Magento provides steady and stable framework for easy administration.

Solicitation over migration, hiring & other choice based portals

Magento web developers cater with a 24x7 maintenance & solicitation services.

Magento editing service

Magento enables its clients to edit and re-edit the overview as per their regulations and requirements.