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Open Source CMS Development Services

Open source development is the need and the trend in today’s market as almost every business house is looking for open source customized websites. Open source CMS applications and their custom development brings you with the features that are matched by none and at the same time are highly affordable and effective to make an impact on the audience.

Advanced php frameworks for CMS applications:

There are various open source platforms like Technology Experts, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Opencart, and Magento to help you with flexible options. These frameworks written in PHP are very powerful whether you are looking to design a blog, e-commerce solution or others.

CakePHP is designed and based on the concept of model controller view. Development via Cake PHP is simple and faster as it requires less coding when compared to other web application development models. Since the cakephp framework employs simple design patterns, the coding becomes quite clearer and easier.

  • Codes can be reused
  • Model view controller
  • Robust and secure
  • In built validation for web application
  • Based on Object oriented programming

A powerful PHP framework, CodeIgniter is perfect for web developers who need effective and simple tool kit to create fully featured web applications.It provides a rich set of libraries and simple interface along with logic structure that is used for the purpose of accessing the library.

  • Quick response time
  • Form validation facility
  • Simple to configure
  • User friendly interface
  • Easy to migrate

It comes with simple and expressive syntax which makes it handy for creating perfect applications. Equipped with features including scalability, quick intuition and better development speed. Laravel web framework dispenses better programming results when compared to some other PHP frameworks.

  • Organized documentation
  • Unit Testing
  • Pre- installed templates
  • Modular
  • Easy to maintain codes
  • Highly secure

A slightly different web development framework, Opencart is preferred for developing e-commerce websites. It is an online shopping cart and the CMS platform is extremely easy to setup. It is an open source system and enables business owners create and manage their online presence quite effectively.

  • Supports innumerable products
  • Easy to operate
  • Pre-defined templates
  • Multi language & Multi Currency support
  • Updated Regularly

It is one of the most widely used e-commerce platform web frameworks as it comes with huge number of options for integration and customization purpose. Magento has grown tremendously over a period of time and it caters to the requirements of e-commerce market quite specifically.

  • Exciting features
  • Mobile friendly
  • Support SEO
  • Robust and spacious
  • Friendly and easy to update

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Open source development service

Third party integration

We allow easy integration of third party apps on our website to help you generate better customer base.

Unorthodox Designs

We provide you with unorthodox designs in various types of open source platforms that attract the audience.

Variety of solutions

Our ability to work on different platforms allows us to provide you with variety of solutions to suffice your needs.


Plug-ins are key for any website whether it is designed in Magento, WordPress or other platforms and we help you with the adept plug-ins as a part of our open source development service.

E-commerce Development

Our developers can help you with smart e-commerce carts using open sources like CodeIgniter and Opencart.

Unflinching Support

We are ready to cater you with round the clock support via different means viz. website chat, e-mail and telephone.


There are uncountable themes that are available to make your website look different and appealing to audience.

CMS customization

We can help you with fully customized websites that will be apt for the exact kind of business that you are doing to create an impact on audience.

Why Choose LogicSpice for Open source web development?


SEO friendly Website

This is another thing with our websites as we design SEO friendly websites that can easily climb up the ladder of Google rankings.


Customized themes

We cater to fully customized themes for your business website to create a niche for you in the market.


Hassle-free editing

Our back-end is also very user friendly allowing you to easily edit the content without sheer knowledge of the language.



We are also very peculiar about the security feature and make use of latest open source web development tools for enhanced security.


Enhanced user experience

The user interface of our designed websites is very friendly that makes it easier for them to access various features and make better experience of end user.


Affordable pricing

Last but not the least, we also provide you with open source website at the most affordable of rates to make it easier for you to go digital.