Our Work Process

We follow a multidisciplinary approach for developing customer-centric applications for Web and Mobile with the highest reliability and quality. Great things are not achieved in a hurry but with series of processes brought together through sheer hard work and dedication. Our team consists of mobile app developers, website developers , web and graphic designers, test engineers, user documentation writer, project managers and maintenance engineers that will work to ensure the creation of a stunning and professional project.

Requirement Gathering

Requirement Gathering

Our development process begins with having an interaction with the client to clearly understand the requirements. We give utmost importance to documentation of precise requirements of the client.

  • Interact with client
  • Understand project goals
  • Conceptualizing the Idea
  • Set benchmark
Analysis and Prototyping

Analysis and Prototyping

Our analyst analyses the gathered requirements to clearly understand the exact customer requirements and to weed out any ambiguities, incompleteness and inconsistencies from the initial customer perception of the problem.

  • Determine the feasibility
  • Prepare a prototype model
  • Submit a detailed Proposal
  • Estimate of time, cost & duration
  • Deadlines of various
Design | User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX)

Design | User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX)

In this phase, we transform the website requirement specification document into the design document. We would design different modules in the solution in the form of functions and data, define control relationship and interfaces among modules and data structures of the individual module.

  • Use of latest & relevant UI design
  • Emotional design & colors
  • UX personalization
Development and Implementation

Development and Implementation

In this phase, the actual coding of the design document is performed. Front end and back end coding is done, database is connected and the various algorithms are implemented with least time and space complexities.

  • Speed Analysis
  • Error Prevention
  • Aesthetic and attractiveness
  • Full stack backend development
  • Consistency
Testing & Quality Assurance

Testing & Quality Assurance

Testing is done to validate a fully developed system to assure that it meets its requirements. The test cases are solely designed based on the SRS document.

  • Bug Elimination
  • Static & Automated tests
  • Gather feedback
  • Make final adjustments
Deployment and Launch

Deployment and Launch

Now starts the real thing, you get the opportunity to see your website being brought to life at your location.

  • Introduce the features
  • Explain working process
  • Install database on your system
  • Get approval
  • Upload to client web server


After the completion of the project, you can enjoy one month free support to resolve any queries, bugs or issues that the website might have.

  • One month free technical support
  • Post deployment maintenance
  • Remove bugs if occur

So, tell us a little about your project and we will transform it into reality at the earliest.

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