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Equipment Rental System PHP Script

Equipment Rental System Script

Get the easiest way to launch your next online platform by downloading the ready to install script.

Rental System Script
Rental System Script
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How can our Equipment Rental System help you ?

Our Equipment Rental System product will facilitate users to rent and sell their equipments/machines/auto parts over the app/website. There will be 3 type of users: Renter/Supplier, Customer/Borrower borrower and Operator. Renter will be able to post his machines over the app/website with images and description. Borrower who need the machine can search machines over the app and send borrow request to the renter. Renter will get the notification and can accept or reject the request.

App/website will also facilitate renter to hire machine operators, machine operators can post their picture, experience and salary. Renter & borrower will not communicate directly, their contacts will not be visible to each other.

Have a look on the advance and unique set of features are powered in our Equipment Rental System
Equipment Management - PHP Script
Equipment Management

Renter can manage all his machines at one place which includes adding, editing or deleting equipments

Request Management PHP Script
Request Management

Renter can manage multiple requests for multiple equipments at one place

Operator Search Equipment Rental
Operator Search

Renter can search for operators who will operate their equipment and can send them hire request

Equipment Search PHP Script
Equipment Search

Borrower can search for equipment to rent and purchase using categories, sub categories and keyword

Equipment Rental PHP Script
Review Feature

User can rate a machine, writing a review and also browse through previously given reviews

Notifications and Emails
Notifications and Emails

Renter and Borrower can receive automatic notifications and emails regarding their activities

Equipment Rental System Mobile Application

Get our Equipment Rental Mobile Application which would increase your market to mobile phone users. Get in touch with Logicspice today to get a demo of your app.

Equipment Rental System Mobile Application
*The price is just for an android app. iPhone app will be priced separately.
Our given Equipment Rental System app script gives you a right track to run your business all over the world.

Equipment Rental Features

User Registration

User can register as Renter(Supplier), Customer(Borrower) or Operator. Renter will be able to post his equipments over the website with images and description. Borrower who need the equipment can search equipments over the website and send borrow request to the renter. Equipment operators can be hired by renters to operate their equipments. User can register using Facebook or Google Plus accounts also.

User Login

User can log in to the website by entering his email and password. If user has forgotten his password, he can change his password by clicking on the link of forget password. User can also log in using his Facebook or Google Plus account. User can select the option of remember me so that he doesn't have to enter his credentials again and again.

Manage Equipment

Renter/Supplier can view the equipments that are posted by him. He will be able to see equipment details like equipment name, Plate number, year of manufacturing, hours of work(per week), price (per week), Availability. Renter can edit or delete the equipment information from this page. User can also add a new equipment from this page.

Post Equipment

Renter/Supplier can post a new equipment from the manage equipment page. He has to enter the following details : Title, Categories, Sub categories, Images (max 3 images),Description (Max 200 Characters), plate number, year of manufacturing, Price (per week), hours of work on the equipment(per week) and availability. Renter can also upload images by drag and drop.

Accept/Reject Request

Renter/Supplier can see a list of requests received for a equipment by the borrowers. On each request, Renter can view details like equipment name, borrower name, start date and end date of the request and total price. Renter can accept or reject any request. On either action, an email will be sent to the borrower regarding renter’s decision.

Search operator

Renter/Supplier can search for operators using keywords and see list of operators with their details. They can see details like his profile picture, experience(in years), salary(per month) and the equipment that the operator operators. Renter can send hire request to one operator from this page. Operator will receive an email when they receive a hire request.

Hire Operator Request

Renter/Supplier can see a list of requests that he has sent to the various operators. They can see details like equipment name, operator name, salary(per month), experience(per year). They can also see contact number of the operator if he has accepted the hire request. If he has rejected the request or the request is still pending, Renter cannot see the contact number of the operator.


Renter and borrower can get notified about their important update on their dashboard.

Renter/Supplier gets notification in following situation.
1. When Admin approve equipment (posted by the Renter/Supplier)
2. When borrow request made by the customer on his posted equipment

Customer/Borrower gets notification when their borrow request is accepted/rejected by the renter/supplier.

Automatic Email

Renter and borrower can get mailed whenever they have any updates.

Renter/Supplier will receive auto emails from system in following cases :

1. They will receive automatic email on sign up over the website. They will get mail with activation URL for their profile over the website
2. Renter/Supplier will receive automatic email when they will click on “forget password link” so that they will receive an email for resetting their password.
3. When Renter/Supplier post a equipment request over the website.

Customer/Borrower to get email in following situation
1. When Customer/Borrower create their account over the website
2. When Customer/Borrower change their password over the website
3. When Customer/Borrower Borrow request accept/reject by the renter/supplier

Customer/Borrower Dashboard

Customer/Borrower can manage their account/profile settings over website. They will be able to see their personal info over the website like profile picture, full name, user name, contact number, email, address and the date joined . They can also see the total number of rented equipments and total number of pending requests. They can add/edit details mentioned above and can change their password. They can visit the borrow requests page from dashboard.

Search Equipment/ List Equipment

Customer/Borrower can search equipments for borrowing and buying. They can search by selecting any categories, sub categories or keyword. They will get the list and can sort it by their price and selected search criteria. The list will include details like rental price(per week), availability for purchase, seller name,hours of work(per week) and year of manufacturing. Average rating will also displayed with every equipment in the list.

Equipment Detail

Customer/Borrower can see equipment details like title, categories, subcategories, Images, description etc. over the website. They can also send a request to borrow the equipment. On sending the request, the equipment owner will receive an email along with details of the borrower. They can also see the average rating of this equipment on this page.

Borrow Request

Customer/Borrower can send borrow request from equipment detail page. They will choose the start date and end date of the rental period from a calender. The per week price will be displayed and the total cost will be calculated according to number of days selected from the calendar.

Borrow Listings

Customer/Borrower can view the list of his borrow requests that they has sent. Customer can see current status of the requested for equipment. When Renter/Supplier accept borrow request, status will be update from “Pending” to “Accepted”.

Review Ratings

Customer/Borrower can review or rate the equipment after accepting borrow request by the renters/suppliers. Customer can provide rating by selecting starts from the website (rating will be calculate and average rating will be display over the equipment list module).

Contact Us

Customer/Borrower can send their query to administrator regarding anything over the website. They should provide title, email, and write their query. They can use this feature if they have some queries of how the website works or to give admin suggestions about improvement.

Hire Request

Operator can manage their hire request, sent by Renter/Supplier over the website. They will be able to accept/reject and hence, notification will send to the renter/supplier. They can see details of the requests like Sender’s name, contact number, start date and end date of the hiring period and paid salary. The operator can accept or reject the requests sent by the renter/supplier.

Currently this product is under development and demonstration will not available for some days. We will be back to you once it's ready to present.

Used Technologies and Server Requirements

  • CakePHP Development
  • HTML5
  • MySQL
  • Apache
  • Browsers - IE 9+ , Firefox 32.6+, Chrome 20.0+, Opera 30.0+, Safari 5+
  • Framework - CakePHP
  • Language - PHP 5.4+, AJAX, jQuery
  • Design - HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript
  • Database – MySQL 5.5+
  • Server – Apache 2.4+

What support you will get?

  • Free Updates - Logicspice
    Free Updates
  • Free Support - Logicspice
    Free Support
  • Free Brand Removal - Logicspice
    Free Brand Removal
  • Free Installation - Logicspice
    Free Installation
  • Access to Source code - Logicspice
    Access to Source code
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4.0 out of 5 stars
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Professional, Always put in extra effort, Good Knowledge. One of the best Developer. Will continue to work with them with upcoming project.
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The word "perfect" is not enough to describe the capability of Logicspice. They are just wonderful and willing to extend the effort until the customer satisfied, definitely will re-hire them
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Excellent work. Would definitely use them again. Fast and effective work.
Quick FAQ

We will provide one month free support after final delivery of the product.

No. The borrower can only review/rate the product once his request has been accepted by the renter .

Time taken to implement your Equipment Rental System depends on the level of customization and data migration. The time frame generally ranges from 7 business days to 30-40 days for complex implementations.

No. The installation of the product will be absolutely free of cost.

Renter can see the contact information of the operator once the operator accepts his request for operating the machine.

The users will receive emails when ever they have an update. For example when they sign up, when they have new request or when their request get accepted.

Any type of industrial equipment can be added to the system. Renter can mark if the equipment is for sale or not.

No. We believe in transparency of work so you need not worry about any hidden charges

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