PHP has now become a widely used language for script execution in HTML. Being an open source language, it has been actively used by developers in building up websites. PHP is a server side scripting language, which means that it runs on server side and is used to generate server response for each user differently.

CakePHP is a framework for PHP. It employs MVC architecture to run the codes generated. MVC stands for Model, View and Controller. Model stands for all the data that is used by user and the developer for website functioning and usage. View contains all the UI components of the website that a user is exposed to. All the designing work lies under View. Controller component controls the interaction between Model and View components. It tracks user requests and delivers the data from Model to View component as the the user desires for. All the three components are interlinked to give desired results.

Advantages of CakePHP

1. Open Source Framework
Being an open source framework, CakePHP offers a lot of experimentation and innovation for developers. One can alter codes and UI as per their need and can create new and improved applications.

2. MVC Framework
MVC framework is very light framework and has a quick response time. Building a website on MVC framework reduces load on site and hence improves site speed.

3. Easy Maintenance
CakePHP is the first choice in frameworks when it comes to very large code base. The default folder structure of CakePHP is as such that it makes it very easy to maintain and reuse scripts made for running for applications.

4. Minimum Configuration
CakePHP automatically detects the folder location or the URLs. You do not need to specify location for each and every code you write and you just need to keep in check the Database connection settings.

Features of CakePHP

1. MVC Pattern
As stated above, CakePHP development uses MVC pattern. The Model-View-Controller framework make it easy to handle data, UI and code base at all levels.

2. Plugins and Extensions
Various plugins can be installed in the application built on CakePHP to improve functioning and get the most out of it.

3. Scaffolding
CakePHP uses CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) Scaffolding which gives you a preview of the application created. This helps in modification of the application a lot easier inhibiting any serious mistakes on the live website.

4. Compatibility
CakePHP is compatible with recent PHP4 and PHP5. So there are no worries of getting outdated and changing the whole framework of the application.

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