CodeIgniter is a PHP driven framework, quite light and reliable. Written by Rick Ellis, a former rock musician who later became a programmer, now the the framework is hosted and maintained by British Columbia Institute of Technology.

CodeIgniter is a quite famous PHP framework that is termed as one of the lightest and fastest in industry. It is free, small, easy to install and does all the heavy work with very little amount of coding. Often termed as the framework for idle developers, this framework makes coding quite hassle free by employing short syntax, streamlining the code base and providing results in a very short time. The aim of CodeIgniter is to provide maximum performance and flexibility in smallest package possible.

CodeIgniter can be downloaded from the official website and can be installed in easy steps. Though CodeIgniter is a light and small framework, but if you are not tech friendly, it is recommended you hire CodeIgniter developers for the development of your website.

Features of CodeIgniter

1. MVC Framework
CodeIgniter works on Model, View and Controller framework. Model manages all the database of the website. View is in charge of the front end of the application including UI and design. Controller runs all the codes and controls the data exchange between Model and View components.

2. Lightweight
CodeIgniter is a very small framework but is built robust and sturdy. It is light on the machine and being small results in quicker responses and easier handling.

3. FTP class
File transfer protocol class in CodeIgniter helps in transferring and editing files on remote server. Files can be copied, moved or erased easily on the remote server. It also has a mirroring function which recreates an entire directory on a remote server.

4. Security
CodeIgniter keeps a strict check over what characters can be allowed in the URI strings. It helps avoid malware and improves security of the database. Only limited type of characters are allowed including alphanumeric characters, period, colon etc.

Advantages of CodeIgniter

Smaller Framework
CodeIgniter has a minimum framework tech which enables it to run a website on smaller chunk of memory and reduce machine effort. Also being a small framework, it is easier to understand and learn.

Ease of Functioning
CodeIgniter is easy to learn and adopt. Customizing and deploying code is very easy and does not require a lot of attention.

All in One Package
All the tools you need are provided in a small package. Calendar, E-mail and other useful tools are already included in the package. Also various help tools like forms and arrays are available to help with coding.

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