PHP Framework

PHP Framework

PHP has more than 40 frameworks and it is good for the developers to select the right framework which will suit them to fulfill their enterprise goals and web development process. The basic aim to use frameworks is to make your process of web based applications easier. The frameworks we are discussing here are one of the most popular frameworks of PHP. The advantage of using PHP frameworks are they are available free of cost and provide a host of services to satisfy all web development and web designing needs.

Most of these PHP frameworks are supported by open source communities corporate or who offers excellent Web development support.

Yii Framework

It is one of the popular frameworks with high performances. Many developers believe that it is much more powerful framework than Zend, CodeIgniter, CakePHP and Symfony. YII is designed for Web2.0 based websites because if you download the framework, you will find best features of all time like MVC, Database Access object, role based access control, events, themes, DB migration, easiest ever form validation and input process, Ajax based widgets, built in authentication and authorization process and default support for web services.

CakePHP Framework

CakePHP is open source web development tool set up in PHP Framework which minimizing the architectural problems and employing many features from Ruby on Rails. It is a system of open source customization. More advanced web applications can be developed with the help of CakePHP Framework. CakePHP offers database management in a better manner via CRUD integration. Cake PHP is a three part way of programming and designing your web applications so that code does not interfere with design.

Shopify Framework

Shopify is a unique and latest shop store online. It is hosted shopping cart solution that is perfect for the people who are beginner in the field of online shopping store. It provides all of the necessary features to achieve success without randomizing the merchant. It uses a language called the Liquid that helps you in transforming your mock up into an excellent, dynamic, and attractive e-commerce online store as quickly as possible. Shopify has all of the features which retailers expect from an ecommerce store while still being extremely easy to use.

Zend Framework

Zend Framework is the easy, object oriented, open-source software framework developed by Zend. Its light weighted and loosely coupled component library offers maximum functionality. They are fully object-oriented PHP5. Its Model View Controller (MVC) implementation supports layouts and PHP-based templates by default. Zend Framework has support for multiple database systems including MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL. Zend Framework is also called ZF. The Zend Framework is a powerful open source web application framework for developing PHP 5 web application. The extensible architecture of the Zend framework ensures that developers can build their own custom modules to develop the remaining of functionality.

Codeigniter Framework

To open the gates of next generation dynamic web applications CodeIgniter is the preferred choice of most of the professional developers. CodeIgniter has empowered developers to build projects in a lightning fast pace with a deep pool of libraries for many basic code where usually developers need to emphasize a lot on developing codes through scratch. CodeIgniter is a convenient medium to develop applications that are oriented towards handling big operations.

Laravel Framework

Laravel is PHP framework gaining popularity very fast and it help us develop better, more sustainable products and solutions. By using its built-in features and concepts, we can save a significant amount of time, thus increasing productivity and competitiveness.The Laravel framework also supports other useful features, such as localization, session management, SSH commands, pagination, form and HTML helper functions, library for sending e-mail, and so forth.