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Periodic Basis

The billing is done on weekly/monthly basis


The billing is done according to the time spent by the developers


Logicspice offers you to hire dedicated programmer who will work exclusively for your projects - 8 hours per day and minimum of 176 hours of every month. Key highlights for hiring a dedicated & expert developers from us -



We have senior developers and programmers for hire for your custom Node.js development projects. You can hire senior web developers from Logicspice who are well qualified in Web app development and have an experience of more than 7+ years in Node.js development. We have a team of expert Node.js programmers that can able to deliver best solutions in given time.

TEAM LEAD(Node.js Development)

TEAM LEAD(Node.js Development)

TEAM LEAD(Node.js Development)

The team leaders who manage our Node.js team have a long experience in handling the projects assigned to the team. They help the team whenever they need support and provide a timeline for every project so that the clients receives timely feedback about the project and it is completed on time. The Node.js team leads provide assurance and promise to deliver the best Node.js solutions to the customer.

Hire dedicated Node.js Experts

So, you have got an idea for a new business application? Node.js is a lightweight platform in itself. Hire expert Node.js developers today to see what we can do for your business.

Mean stack developers at Logicspice are well experienced in creating well-designed, innovative web applications, within your time & budget. With Logicspice, Hiring dedicated Node.js developers is always an easy job.

Why Choose Node.js?

Node.js is a server-side JavaScript execution engine. It is free and open source cross- platform for server-side programming that allows users to build network programs and network applications quickly. Node js allowsdevelopers to write JavaScript on both the client side and the server side. It is Single threaded Platform which uses non-blocking I/O calls and especially helpful for building web applications.

That means you can use the similar patterns, in some cases, the same libraries for both back-end and front-end development which is certainly a plus point. Node.js is a big win when it comes to developer productivity, maintenance and time to market. With further research, Logicspice concluded that Node.js is the best option for both technical and business reasons, so when it comes to providing a highly scalabile and fast web application Logicspice is best Node.js developement company.


High rise performance: The V8 javascript engine developed by google is used by Node.js which is extremely fast in code execution.

Non-blocking I/O API & event driven: All APIs of Node.js library are non-blocking which that optimizes an application's scalability and throughput.

Node js is ready for enterprise deployment: It’s not hard for a developer to pick up JavaScript and quickly become productive with it.

Single threaded: It follows a single threaded model.

NPM is the Node js package manager: NPM resembles package managers from other ecosystems but it is excellent, fast, robust, and consistent.

License: Node.js is released under the MIT license.

We amaze you with our future-ready solutions

Logicspice strive to deliver future ready solutions of the highest quality and standard. Our dedicated expert rectify each bugs and issues with precision. We make you stand apart from the crowd and lead the industry.

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We Include

  • A. 100% confidentiality - strict NDA terms
  • B. Moneyback gurantee - Amount will not be refunded by us if
    • Your invoice is alraedy generated
    • There has been an abuse of our terms of use
    • The project has ended.
    • Moneyback will be only for unbilled hours
  • C. Technical Support (In working hours only)

why Hire from LogicSpice

Qualified, Experienced resources
Qualified, Experienced and certified resources
Flexible Hiring Models - Logicspice
Flexible Hiring Models
Rapid and Effective development - logicspice
Rapid yet Effective development
Monitor team’s performance
Monitor team’s performance on regular basis
Track Progress with Project Management
Track Progress with Project Management Tools
Fast and easy communication
Fast and easy communication
Flexible Timing - Logicspice
Flexible Timing
Cost-efficient development - logicspice
Consistent Technical and Administrative support
Consistent Technical and Administrative support
Highly Secured Development - Logicspice
Highly Secured Development Area
Dependable supervision and execution
Dependable supervision and execution
Optimized Coding - Logicspice
Optimized Coding
deadlines developers
We take deadlines very seriously
Project confidentiality - Logicspice
100% confidentiality - strict NDA terms
moneyback gurantee - Logicspice
100% moneyback gurantee
Availability and scope of expansion - logicspice
Availability and scope of expansion
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