Project Communication Strategy

Project Communication Strategy

How We Communicate

To execute any project in an efficient manner, it is crucial that the development team understands the requirement appropriately and for making team understand the requirements, effective communication is the key. After the execution of ample products efficiently Logicspice understands the importance of communication and has developed a well-linked communication channel that starts from client and ends on team synchronized by the team leader.

  • Project Analysis: – After getting the requirements from clients our team collaborate to analysis the requirements and what should be the appropriate methodology to execute the project.
  • Work Division: – We work in a way that no person feels burden of work and divide the work according to the expertise of each team member in order to produce effective results.
  • Spreaded Mode With Single Point Communication: – Our each team member knows exactly what he is suppose to deliver but it is the responsibility of each team member to report of the manager about the work that has been completed.
  • Documentation: – To keep a well-structured record of the development each project is documented and handled by the team manager.
  • Privacy And Security: – We understand the importance of confidentiality for project of our clients and adopt strict strategies to keep it safe and secure.
  • Project Management Through Online Medium: – Clients don’t have to bother about their project and can monitor at which stage their project is via online medium.
  • Weekly Updates: – Our team is always on time and is always ready to update our clients about the workflow.
  • Post Maintenance Support: – Our work does not end with the delivery of the project but we believe in establishing a long term relationship with our clients and therefore our team is always up to assist our clients with any sort of issues and guidance on our projects.

Logicspice always follow standard project strategy for both mobile application development & web development.