Logicspice is a trusted name in web and mobile application development having offices in different continent around the globe, with big team size, long experience in the industry and with highly experienced and skillful team members and proven records of successful software development projects.

The best part we offer, for small and medium size businesses, is that we have ready-made turnkey solutions available with us, which could be customized and configured as per the specific requirements over the basic application, and our focus always persist on achieving the objective of our customers, in most efficient and user friendly manner.

Website and Mobile app development involve many steps for high level strategy, analysis, planning, design, accurate programming, testing and uploading over server. Throughout this complete process we remain clear and transparent with our clients without any misleading promises.

As a company that has a dedicated long term web and mobile app development team, we document all processes well and maintain high standard in explaining and defining them, so that the clarity remain in the communication and the application programming plan could be easily managed or extended or upgraded in the future.

Our testing team ensure our programmed applications are bug free and confirms to the latest web and mobile app development standards in addition to rapid development, increased usability and easy to use screen interfaces.

LogicSpice believe in best work ethics and actively pursue long term support contracts for website and mobile app development. We do not compromise on quality for any size of project we undertake. All the products we offer include a lot benefits to our clients, which you can explore over the specific software product page and you can also check the demonstration provided therein.

We offer a number of products to help you advance business with quality apps and website. Our main products includes:

  • Ecommerce application
  • Classified/ Directory Website application
  • Marketplace system
  • Social Media web and mobile application
  • Job Portal
  • E-learning Web application
  • Auction website
  • Crowd Funding Website
  • Online Booking apps
  • Logistic Web application
  • Taxi booking Website
  • Match Making Website
  • CRM