If you want efficient and affordable booking web application and mobile app, you are on the right page.
In this growingly busy world of ours, there is nothing more important than make a booking and relevant transaction online, which saves a lot of efforts, energy and most important is time saving.
We have extensive work experience over development of booking web and mobile apps. We have worked over variety of applications including several applications of seat booking, hotel booking, bus reservation, appointment setting, restaurant table booking app etc.

What is Booking Application?

A Booking app that is a program, which works to book for an appointment, ticket or seat etc. as per the need of your business, to help your customer book through the mobile app or a web application. Approximately seventy million users researched for booking website. Travel/ Ticket booking are the single largest component of e-commerce.
When the internet started there been some significant changes in people’s lifestyle, online booking reservation also started which helps the travel/ ticket booking industry support through the internet. It helps people to book flights, holiday packages, insurance, movie tickets and other services online.

The Requirements?

For a booking website/ app, you need to understand how booking website will work and which provisions you have to make for making a website. This is one of the latest, featured, and prosperous application of Logicspice and it is so well optimized for fast processing and for book the ticket, travel over website/ app. The website/ app will be fully responsive, user friendly and payment secure, that no other script is close to this app/ website in its segment and category.
We will develop your website with no dependency, so you will have very flexible code to customize it by any developer and we are not charging anything extra for this and we will give also one month free support after upload your website/ app in production server. We will never include any hidden cost for developing your website/ app.

Booking Website

The website and ticket/ travel booking process has been has been define for the booking website. The application code is made on popular PHP framework and is flexible and extendable. We made this solution in easy manner just because you will user your website in following manner with easy installation process.
Here is the other important features of the application.

  • Users can search for hotels/ bus/ movie tickets over application.
  • Users can view resultant listing.
  • They can view details of selected services over application./li>
  • For the booking they have o register over application.
  • Agent registration and login and account module.
  • Different subscription process for agent along with payment gateway for subscription.
  • Hotels, bus, movie tickets will posted by agents by specifying price, place, images etc..
  • Agents can view listing of services and manage them.
  • Customer can Register and login over application
  • Customer can create their profile by specifying their profile picture, address, personal details etc..
  • They can view the prices of services over application.
  • They can view the address over google map of selected place.
  • Google map API integrated.
  • They can book their ticket/ hotel.
  • They can pay amount online.
  • Integrated payment gateway.
  • Receive booking confirmation mail.

Main Admin Feature

  • Static page content management.
  • Agents Management.
  • Customers management.
  • Agents listing management.
  • booking management.
  • Membership management.
  • View transaction and sales report.

The LogicSpice Advantage

Logicspice has been very good in design and development of website and mobile apps. We have extensive experience in development field. We do not compromise on quality nor do we allow our cost effectiveness in process we use. All the products we offer greatly benefit our clients providing satisfying with their website or app.