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The billing is done according to the time spent by the developers


Logicspice offers you to hire dedicated programmer who will work exclusively for your projects - 8 hours per day and minimum of 176 hours of every month. Key highlights for hiring a dedicated & expert developers from us -



Hire experienced and skilled, responsible programmers for all kinds of Codeigniter related Development requirements. Codeigniter is a less time consuming, simple and faster in coding and one of the best PHP Framework in open source. You can hire Codeigniter Developer and get complete Codeigniter Development solutions for your requirements. Our programmers understand how to maximize the efficiency of Codeigniter framework and all its features.

TEAM LEAD (Codeigniter Development)

TEAM LEAD (Codeigniter Development)

TEAM LEAD (Codeigniter Development)

Every team needs a good leader and the team lead of our Codeigniter team is one of the best availaible who handles the team, guide them and solve their queries and issues whenever it is needed. The team has completed several Codeigniter projects with the guidance of the team lead. He is responsible for creation of a timeline and to make sure that the team follows the timeline and finish the project on time before the deadline. It is their job to manage the team members and the tasks/projects that are assigned to them.

Hire dedicated Codeigniter Developers

We, logicspice, have the most proficient and expert CodeIgniter web developers offering affordable cost-effective solutions that best suit your project development requirements. We offer highly quality-driven solutions for your wide ranging PHP CodeIgniter development needs. We have expert Codeigniter developers with extensive ability to deal with MVC pattern they deliver highly succinct and useful solutions against your unique PHP development needs.With our CodeIgniter developers expert guidance and in-depth knowledge of the domain, you get to benefit with detailed documentation and flawless communication.

Our CodeIgniter developers have exceptional technical skills, expertise and competence to handle multiple projects to accelerate your business enterprise through feature-rich CodeIgniter application development.

Our expert CodeIgniter web developers provides neatly coded solution and well-treated support. Our company take care of the project requirements very well.

Why choose Codeigniter?

CodeIgniter is an powerful Application Development Framework – a toolkit – with a very small footprint – for PHP developers. It is a simple and elegant framework to create full-featured web application.

It provides a rich set of libraries for commonly needed tasks with a simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries. This easy-to-use PHP framework lets you creatively focus on your web applications by minimizing the amount of code needed for a particular given task.


MVC architecture support: This is one of the key CodeIgniter features. CodeIgniter adopts the MVC (model, view, controller) architecture.

The Model is responsible to manage the data. It stores and retrieves entities from database used by an application. It contains the main logic implemented by the application.

The View is used to display the data provided by the model in a specific format. It consist the front end part.

The Controller handles the model and view layers to work together and works as mediator between these two. It receives a request from the client, invokes the Model to perform the requested operations and sends the data to the View.

So this is how the data is presented to the user in a web application as an html output.

Plain and simple: CodeIgniter has no need for installation. It has simple directory structure which is easy-to-understand by developers.

Security: One of the popular benefits of CodeIgniter is that the security tools are already built-in. CodeIgniter has different level of security according to the need of a web application.It has feature-rich encryption techniques, you can enable such as handling session data using a database, data encoding, cookie encryption or use form validation library, and many others more security features.

We amaze you with our future-ready solutions

Logicspice strive to deliver future ready solutions of the highest quality and standard. Our dedicated expert rectify each bugs and issues with precision. We make you stand apart from the crowd and lead the industry.

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We Include

  • A. 100% confidentiality - strict NDA terms
  • B. Moneyback gurantee - Amount will not be refunded by us if
    • Your invoice is alraedy generated
    • There has been an abuse of our terms of use
    • The project has ended.
    • Moneyback will be only for unbilled hours
  • C. Technical Support (In working hours only)

why Hire from LogicSpice

Qualified, Experienced resources
Qualified, Experienced and certified resources
Flexible Hiring Models - Logicspice
Flexible Hiring Models
Rapid and Effective development - logicspice
Rapid yet Effective development
Monitor team’s performance
Monitor team’s performance on regular basis
Track Progress with Project Management
Track Progress with Project Management Tools
Fast and easy communication
Fast and easy communication
Flexible Timing - Logicspice
Flexible Timing
Cost-efficient development - logicspice
Consistent Technical and Administrative support
Consistent Technical and Administrative support
Highly Secured Development - Logicspice
Highly Secured Development Area
Dependable supervision and execution
Dependable supervision and execution
Optimized Coding - Logicspice
Optimized Coding
deadlines developers
We take deadlines very seriously
Project confidentiality - Logicspice
100% confidentiality - strict NDA terms
moneyback gurantee - Logicspice
100% moneyback gurantee
Availability and scope of expansion - logicspice
Availability and scope of expansion
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